Rejected Titles for Coming-of-Age Memoirs

Rejected Book Titles #2

Benji: The Story of a Boy Raised by Fire Ants

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Chlamydia in Tallahassee

Plastic Fruit is For Assholes (Or Is It, Mom??)

A Pretty Long Anecdote About Hurting My Testicles at Camp

TRUE STORIES of Reverse Racism at Quail Hollow Junior High

Can You Have Sex on Your Period? (And Other Questions to Ask Your Priest)

If I’m Honest, Yes, I’ll Probably Kill Again

Kilos for Jesus: Muling Coke & Saving Souls on Youth Missions to Peru

Fridays with Flipper: A Middle-Aged Man, a Sexy Dolphin, and Life’s Greatest Lesson Regarding Animal Protection Laws in Florida

I Still Hate Myself: A Memoir