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The Offing Fundraiser 2021

We Are The Offing

As we close this year, we want to acknowledge the funders and individual donors who have made our work possible. You are the altruistic neighbors who want us to thrive. We invite others to partner with The Offing to keep our lights on and to support our community because you believe we are worth the investment. Your tax-deductible donation, no matter how small or large, is our rescue. Visit our GoFundMe drive to make a one-time donation. Thank you for your continued support to help us nurture art and artists. Together, we are The Offing.


We’d like to thank everyone who has donated to The Offing in the past. Because of support like yours, we have been able to continue publishing some of the best new literary work online. Writing that has appeared in our publication is now listed on syllabi around the country as well as “Best Of” lists.

Sustaining Patrons

Allison Zec
Andrew Lim
Anna Shults
Anne Marie Wissman
Anni Kramer
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Claire Duvallet
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Jacob Rogers
Jacob Slichter
James K. Fung
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Jennifer Wortman
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Jonathan Kade
Joseph Ketner
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Kara Stephens-Weaver
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Kevin Hsu
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Patrick Mullen-Coyoy
Rebecca Rubenstein
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Richard Scalzo
Ruth Murray-Clay
Sarah Sgro
Taylor Yu
The Ekos
Theo Milonopoulos
Tom Stock-Hendel
Zachary Mann

Platinum Level — $500 and above

Darcy Cosper Melelani Satsuma Cynthia & Mike Sweeney
Stacey Case Robert & Sandra Osorio Mimi Maduro
David Francis Anonymous Katrina Mohn
Pamela Mohn

Gold Level — $250 and above

Nick Konidaris & Sadena Thevarajah Margaret Oostendorp Sam Weinstein
Anonymous Ruth Murray Clay

Silver Level — $100 and above

Michael Snediker Bronwyn Lee Anonymous
Deborah Reynolds Setareh Farsio Amanda Fortini
Paul Mendoza Panio Gianopoulus Elaine Freedgood
Kristen Case Steven Johnson Sue Landers
Anne Galvin Torrey and Armand Dekeyser Marisa Silver
Zach Mann Samuel Hovda Courtney Bass
Peter Prescod Yanyi Luo Sangita Chandra
Eddie Bruce-Jones Sarah Tuttle Samuel Freeman
Mark Zastrow Jonathan McDowell Victoria Scowcroft
Jennifer Shahade Derek Larson Mina Le

Bronze Level — $50 and above

Leslie Parry Temple Zander Allison Hart
Elizabeth Trundle Janet Lyon Evelyn Callahan
D. Gilson Bill Luksic Evie Shockley
Steven Sanchez Andrea Beltran Penmanship Books
Johanna Teske Keren Gottfried Andor Meszaros
Hawa Allan Sarah Ballard Lionel London
Bryan Kuwada Swati Khurana Elizabeth Thomas
Mary Vignolini Kyle Dargan Liping Lai
Michael Harmon Williams Will Darcy Pollack
Evie Shockley Candace Williams Nicholas Murphy
Andrew Bellemer Austin Adams Angela Speck
Jennifer L. Hoffman Pooja Makhijani John Ratnaswamy
Patrick Foran Marco Maisto Serina Diniega
Nhu Nguyen Leo Stein

Fall 2015 Fund Drive

Christa Harader Ethan Nosowsky Alan Light
Steven Tagle Kelly Cressio-Moeller Jason Diamond
Eli Stark Benj Hewitt Brandon Shimoda
Marty McConnell Lily Cho Michael Dauro
Bryan Woods David Ryan Maud Casey
Caley Long Amanda Johnston Jasmine Price
Hannah Craig Vanessa Villarreal Amanda Rybin Koob
Dawn Rookey Elizabeth Witte Alexander Bell
Mai Nardone Madeleine Bannon Maris Kreizman
Deborah Shapiro John Stintzi Alexander Kim
Olga Zilberbourg Tee Iseminger T. L. Sherwood
Rory Madden Rebecca Robison Hayley Hudson
Katherine Steen Charles Lee Abigail Bereola
K. Tait Jarboe Rachel Reed Kit Wallach
Megan Berkobien Stephanie Ford Sarah Koval
Lucas Machamer Shruti Swamy Mike Young
Nicholas Harp Tenzin Mitchell Chaktar Ying Zhu Chin
Tony Wei Ling Britt Ashley Renee Christopher
Rachel Lewis Florian Duijsens Evelyn Alfred

The Offing is a recipient of The Literary Arts Emergency Fund, launched and administered by the Academy of American Poets, the Community of Literary Magazine & Presses (CLMP), and the National Book Foundation.