Q&A with Vickie Vértiz, author of Auto/Body

I'm in all times at all times. I'm both in Mesoamerican times – as someone who practices Aztec dance, and has a belief system built with syncretism, and also as a professor of Chicanx Studies is like taking apart Mexican identity via Mexican nationalism, and a child of the 80s as a queer person, and someone who worked grew up working class who loves things that have existed for a long time, and who likes to reuse them.

On the left: a woman with long, dark hair in front of a green background. On the right: the cover of the poetry book Latitude by Natasha Rao, featuring the image of three fish.

Q&A with Natasha Rao, author of Latitude

Many of the poems in the collection deal with guilt and shame because, for me, those are often the emotions that spur a poem and make me feel I need to write.