Image shows a close up of a traditional drum from the side. The drum is decorated with woven leather. The top of the drum has a dark circle in its center. The lighting is dark and blue hued, shining on the drum's surface. The background is black and makes the details of the drum stand out.


what won’t burn when you’ve sown madness?

Image shows a purple sky with pink illuminated clouds, over the dark silhouette of a mountain. In the foreground is a body of water reflecting the sky with ripples on its surface.

Dear Body—

The days poured out in a continuous stream, disappearing as though through a sieve.

reverse tongue abecedarian

keep / fertile the jambu groves our fathers freed. let us be more than / echo of river’s ebb.

Image shows a close up of a cluster of green sprouts, some with small downturned white flower buds. The foreground of the image shows dry leaves, and sunlight shines in from the blurred background in the top right.

Speculative Song

the page, bearing a vow.]

The top of a mountain peak against a blue sky

Our Archipelago

In the countryside, a platoon of peasants torch a backhoe, / owned by Del Monte, gutting our people’s ancestral land.