Ode to Sweet Potato

Sliced, diced, fried. Boo, I think about my thighs ; what it would be like if you had thighs; how we’d cuddle, convincing ourselves we’ve been here before. We mesh and mash so well together. You home. You castle. You market where spices thicken the air: turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg — fold into you like […]

[singing bowl]

Darling I love you / as the present moment

black and white photo of a man reading a newspaper snd staring out a train window

Local News #1

KPLC reports they found, double-bagged in Walmart plastic along Highway 27, a severed head.

Was he Billy Pilgrim?

One morning, when our tea kettle could no longer whistle, we took our car out to Lanesboro, eyes still sticky with sleep, to an old diner, unfamiliar then, where a man sitting at the counter, face sun-spotted and forgotten, slumped over a cold cup of coffee, his body, seemingly immovable, turned towards us with movement […]