A Father Encourages

came up for breath only once / came up to speak only once / came up herself only once,


All the Ways


image of lottery tickets sitting on a pile of leaves


He unsticks the lottery ticket from the pigeon's feathers and sets the bird free. He's hopeful.

image of a snowy landscape with a bare tree and a full moon

Middle Distance; Now and Then

and in the morning the moon's / still full, the girl no longer / ashamed to be ashamed.

La Jungla

My mother was one of a few Koreans in an area of mostly Latinos, who worked
under the metal roof of an abandoned warehouse converted into a shopping
emporium—car stereos, healing potions, sneakers, gold jewelry, toys.

Two Micros by Joanna Hoffman

Please, don’t let me say her name, but don’t let
me forget it either. It’s the road I
have to cross to know I’m not home yet.

image of a red 1970 Impala

West Coast:

What friends you have usually just wind up dead or so I hear.