A Fish is a Fish is a Fish

Here’s what really happened: I was supposed to be a twin but then I ate her. It. Absorbed it, for nutrients, in like the first trimester.

Question 18

Here. Whenever you’re ready.

6-month chip

once, i was a masterpiece in an apartment

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A toothbrush with a red handle against a baby blue background.


My mouth, a mussel: soft wet bundles of clam-flesh, pearl atop the body of the oyster, alien-textured shell of jawbone and hard palate closing around it all, in a shape like clasped palms.

The cover of OURS by Phillip B. Williams

Excerpt from OURS

Justice thought he heard a voice coming from the tree, but the sound had a pinprick to it, small enough that it had to have come from a specific spot in the boughs.

A yellow bucket and yellow spade atop sand at the beach

Bonus Child

It’s easier to trash fairytales and racism than it is to face the simplicity of my conundrum: that I’ve inherited the defunct reality of a stranger’s manifest desire.