History / Lit Pass / Fail

Lately, I have been searching for novels that collapse linear chronologies. Instead of stories that imply some march towards Progress in their telling, why not foreground the novels on the unrepeatability of life, memory, and vanishings?

American Smile

I clenched my teeth, seething at this age-old American innocence, the belief that at the end of the day, Americans meant well and, really, that ought to be enough. Enough to claim the perch of fame, the pedestal of saviors.

Oxford Dictionary

“A true King serves his Queen. Meaning, always adjusts her crown when she bows at his feet.”

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Water as it Relates to Rock

The trick is to hold the breath and the tongue but not in the same hand, and without leaning in too far.

photo of the roots of a large brown tree

Haiku for Home

Adopted oak tree / Has a mid-life crisis

A Field, Any Field

I believe you believe you meant me no harm,
yet violence was the first way you learned to hold anything.

photo of a large, empty university lecture hall

The Only Ones

He will wish away the well-meaning glances that say how far you must have come to get here, how proud your people must be, what an accomplishment it is to be the only one.

I Cannot Run This College on Less Than A Billion Dollars

Student fundraisers lubricate donor purse strings with the perfect mix of guilt and shame, although our ungrateful alums are catching on by blocking our calls. That's why I'm resorting to this letter. Times are tough.

A Letter and a Photograph

That night, L couldn’t fall asleep. The portrait he saw hanging in Hye-gyŏng’s room lingered before his eyes.