Smelling Static

He was the first time I saw two boys kiss, lying there on my stomach, head two feet from the screen.

Jesus and His Stepdad, Joe

Mary admonishes him often enough. “I don’t care if you’re omnipotent, that’s no way to speak to your dad.”


aphasia of detail
& human
Here I stand on the street

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a forest with a solid black silhouette overlaid, with images of galaxies inside the solid black coloring. underneath the silhouette it says "Juniper Leaves: The Otherwordly Tale of a Lonely Magical Black Girl"

This Vortex Leads to Magic

I imagine it’s what astronauts feel like in space, only we didn’t need oxygen tanks. We hovered before deep, black nothingness.

image of red, mustard, black and white swirling pattern

Mother of All Pigs

There is an unspoken fear that a daughter’s innocence, hence marriageability, would somehow be threatened.

Little Kastle

Sounds from the outside world were already diminishing, reduced to raspy gusts pirouetting restlessly before fading into an air drenched with odd, darkening colors. Now it was the beating of his heart that began to disturb the silence.

tilted angle shot of a red brick wall


I fell down in a heap / of my murdered youth and yelped

Idolized Princesses

I can easily see why strong female characters are more appealing than their hyper masculine counterparts to Queer children. Female superheroes are inherently the outsiders within their genre...