from Notes on my father

Popeye and The Three Stooges. My favorite
Stooge was Shemp: replaced, forgotten.

A Few Discomforts

The number of months you can pretend to smoke a cigarette with somebody that doesn’t love you.

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Different colors of paint running down a printed page of text.

Let’s Talk Language

What is lost when words fail? Language can serve as a preoccupation, and in that sense become a cage.

Image from page 108 of "Alexander and some other cats" (1929)

A Menagerie of Strays

“My partner trails me up the hill, both of us weighed down with sacks of groceries, the plastic handles pressing into the flesh of our palms. We are halfway home when I see it...”


for lee buencamino

“i part my lips in secret / glitter drips from the corners of my mouth”


The National Gallery

“It was because of the bike crash that I volunteered for an HIV-vaccine trial. I blame Brian.”