Eat beef: the west wasn’t won on salad.

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Silhouette of a hand inserting a card into a ballot box

Vote, or…

I believe we each have a fight, specific and distinct to us. I do not believe that toil begins or ends at the ballot box.

A mountain in the distance is reflected in water to look like an arrowhead.

The Ruins

There was something about being a boy here.

Image shows the dark outline of a bird flying in the distance against the beginning of a bright sunset with some clouds catching the light above dark water.

Sun, Suna, Sunaofying

if I split / a word in half, send it // across borders, if it finds / a suffix, and transforms /
to meaning: in my mouth

a model ship on a shelf against a dark wook panel wall


My diagnosis allowed every doctor I saw to pretend they knew something about me. The more they knew, the less they listened to me...I could never get across that my body was a whole thing.