Two Micros by Ari Wolff

"he believes he’s the fox / and it's his dinnertime / he believes he’s the barn / and all the animals inside"

Five Micros by Fortunato Salazar

They were not a lonely turquoise skateboard wheel made to live all by itself . . . a wheel that anyone could come along and spin, and did.

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image of a child eating pink cake with a teal background

Fat Fuck

Tell me my belt wraps the world’s waist / then beat me with it.

Watercolor painting of a rainbow by J.M.W. Turner

Roy G Biv

Philosophy has tried to “Conquer all mysteries by rule and line,” and the rainbow is the first victim of the scientific revolution.

Street art of Black woman holding an oversize pencil like a weapon

A Hashtag, A Movement, A State of Mind

Public appeals to government officials remain a powerful way to build support and make allies. Another powerful way, maybe more so, is to write. Write the story. Write the arguments.

Mixed media sculpture in the shape of an AR-15 assault rifle

Guns, Surfers, and Pop Sculpture

It is the first week of fall, and Venice smells like sagebrush. Kevin Ancell, the Dogtown street kid turned renaissance painter, is smoking outside the gallery, telling how this building was “the original boathouse for the gondolas.” In a couple of hours, much of the California surf community, mobilized by Kelly Slater’s latest social media post, will flood the space.