Soda Money

Note to self: When you grow up, men will dole out cash.

At the End

A lighting fixture full of bees follows us from house to house

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Shot of the top half of a dolphin moving through water. The water is blue/green and the dolphin is a gray color.


"Was this your plan all along?” Toby asked one night, his chin on my chest. He still smelled faintly of fish, which was how we all smelled these days. “Stealing the dolphin to get Sophia in?”

Birds on a grainy gray background

When the World Beckons

Now, the aubergine sky outside her window invites her to become a breeze.


I was hooked, of course: I'm the kind of guy who only just avoided getting a tattoo saying "I contain multitudes."

The cover of the collection The Rage Letters

The Night Owls

I come from a long line of doomed women.