Notes from Your Live-in Partner Who Happens to Work from Home

Thank you for questioning my use of the word "chivalric" at that dinner party last night, for the humiliation of having the word "chivalrous" mansplained to me as you and your fellow management consultants doubted the worth of studying things like Medieval English literature.

Burden of Proof

After the towers, I never left / an empty grocery cart astray / but rolled it across the parking lot / back to its designated spot.

Stevie Versus the Negative Space

everything was about combinations of pairs, everything was about relationships between people and their feelings, everything was about sex, everything was about where you came from, and what you wore while coming.

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Anna, Illinois

Violence, though, is accurate—referring to actual behavior, actual force.

photo of an electron configuration that looks like a kaleidescopic image with green in the center surrounded by yellow and red

When I Reach for Your Pulse

The electrons / within shift in perpetual motion, perpetuating illusion. What is / solid will not fall apart for unexpected reasons.

Quick Change

There is body in the coat closet in the hall by the front door, body under the bed in plastic bins, a pile in the garage by the recycling bin.


Another brown body
hits the dust, / and our cries