Fire Island

Because the I
becomes a we

The Mysterious Lives of Appalachian Hermits

The Appalachian Mountains are rich in hermit history and lore, most of which has been forgotten by scholars and historians. And this isn’t surprising, since hermits, due to their status as self-imposed exiles and social critics, often function as mere footnotes to the mainstream...

Which Truth, Patricia?

Let’s pretend I’m telling a story. Let’s pretend the story’s not telling me.

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photo of a barren desert

from Feed

I would LOVE to imagine
being alive in five
years but I have these bones u know?

photo of a silhouette against cement


My knees, hips, knuckles, and spine were strung by an amateur marionette maker.

Reveal Codes

Any relationship, she thinks, is like watching the images surface on a developing Polaroid. [...] Lately, it seems as if most of their conversations are held either through or about the cats.