Light and Moon

And there she was, milky-skinned and wrapped in white cloth so fine it looked spider-woven. Her eyes looking back at us as if she were not a baby, but a god.


Job Title: Mother/grandmother to a professional triathlete and her family while they travel internationally

In / Of

Thus pleasure:
one cool hand,
body, world.

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Looking down at the top of ten unopened soda cans. The cans are wet with condensation.

Soda Money

Note to self: When you grow up, men will dole out cash.

Image shows a close up of gray and brown pebbles on a shoreline, shining with water. The water is clear, and the photo is lit by dim bluish light.

Atmospheric Conditions

to pluck / each string and hear a
dissonant throat / opening into water

Bees gather around a hexagonal hive.

At the End

A lighting fixture full of bees follows us from house to house

Shot of the top half of a dolphin moving through water. The water is blue/green and the dolphin is a gray color.


"Was this your plan all along?” Toby asked one night, his chin on my chest. He still smelled faintly of fish, which was how we all smelled these days. “Stealing the dolphin to get Sophia in?”