A Father Encourages

came up for breath only once / came up to speak only once / came up herself only once,

Cómo que mire : AzTexts from the Codex M

A poet of rhetoric and ethnography, Steven Alvarez brings an “outsider” linguistic perspective into his writing, which speaks to the contemporary “post”-Chicano experience.

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sepia image of the 1904 World's Fair, St. Louis, Missouri: the US Government building: natural history exhibit featuring a blue whale skeleton and life-sized whale model

American Museum

They point at the skeletons and say, / not me, not me, not me.

My Mother’s Name

When my mother said my name, not one of the three syllables was diluted or mangled, assimilated or Americanized.

How the Music Died

For those who were there, it was the last sound of music they ever heard.

Natural History

contrary to popular belief
—florists included—
tulips are not native to Holland, but to Anatolia instead.

close-up image of bright pink yarn

Test Group 4:

We played at being American women—smoking, drinking, kissing—unconstrained by sarees and rules.