A Letter and a Photograph

That night, L couldn’t fall asleep. The portrait he saw hanging in Hye-gyŏng’s room lingered before his eyes.


Science, do not forsake us. / Pretend dying won’t be inglorious / and hard, that we’ll reflect light like gowns / sequined and glittering

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photo of a silhouette of a seagull flying over the ocean at sunrise

Sweet Dreams

FEAR, the most horrible and barbaric fear. It had talons and wings and bore its fangs into each of us. It bled out veins. It was parasitic . . .

image of a centrifuge, which looks like rays of teal and orange emitting from a black circle against a black background

Poems from the Centrifuge Brain Project

In this way, we became our mothers, / anticipating future from structure, / believing in the latest breakthrough revelation / concerning what happens to our bodies / and our fate.


The city is supposed to make me want to go out at night but most of the time I just want a lot of money and no plans.

close-up photo of two pieces of toast, one with a bite out of it

Remaining Evidence

Crumbs pattern the plate / like footsteps in snow.

Alone Not Alone

I deal with the moments that are mundane: an internal monologue, an uncomfortable silence, a night of petting a cat.

Winter #6

My body is soft like the smell of amber, but I strain to thin it into nothing.