Quick Change

There is body in the coat closet in the hall by the front door, body under the bed in plastic bins, a pile in the garage by the recycling bin.


Another brown body
hits the dust, / and our cries

Six Poems from Frayer

In houses all alike women embroider / your future on moccasins sold / to tourists. It's as if the light is waning.

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Origin Stories

My black is a story of night and day.
My black is a story of mud and clay.

close-up photo of an industrial lightbulb


Too bad / technology has overridden the soul / and we can no longer experience / true thinking.

close-up photo of a palm with shadows

A Brief History of Touch

How we know our bodies comes from the way we are handled, from the way your parents held you to the press of sexual partners. We become ourselves through the experience of skin against other skin.