I Own My Sexuality

i’m a cavern are you sick of
hearing bout my poor sweet cunt
shall i find another lexicon for my claw
shaped want

Can We Say Hong Kong?

I am asking you, prompting you—forcing you even—to pause and reflect on something that we take for granted—namely, saying “Hong Kong” with such certainty and confidence

Electric Medicine

Rob Gibsun’s traditional drawing techniques and “calligraffiti" elements present a vibrant, provoking, and compelling voice.

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Photograph of a billboard advertising skin lightening cream.

Dark Skin, Whitening Masks

This summer, I let myself burn. Three decades of my life spent consciously, unconsciously hiding from the sun, spent hearing the voices of my mother my grandmother my aunts in my head, three decades of this and I’m tired. I let myself burn.

image of a red 1970 Impala

West Coast:

What friends you have usually just wind up dead or so I hear.

image of the surface of dark water with pink ripples

Two Poems by Ananda Lima

As I wait for people / in hazmat suits / I am afraid / of forgetting / but I am more afraid / of remembering

image of a cloud lining at sunset

He mele kanikau no ke kini i kāʻili lima koko ʻia

The last line reads: Your life, it has been seen, witnessed, understood, known, felt, recognized. Let us all move together until we can breathe the ea, feel our breath, rise in our sovereignty.