The Hungarian Divorce in Seven Movements

Before the great split, they went out clubbing at glitzy boums (aka discothèques), sipping on delicate café au laits, the foam in their mugs forming hearts and arrows, portraits of le Pont Neuf, the Musée d’Orsay, and La Défense.

Fourteen Ways of Looking

At fourteen I imagined that in the face of great tragedy, I would be brave, heroic even.

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Now, You Will Listen

classmates’ eyes : my child’s face))) until my kid walked the halls))) to the school bathroom))))) to text me from a stall))) crying))) feeling what it is)))  to  really be))) little))) a hard  lesson in world history))) a lesson I’d learned))) at that age too.

A mysterious blue, somewhat crystalline, goo is laid on a floor.

Sludge Man: No Way Home

“We want to make a deal.  Only thing is, you’ll have to compromise your deepest ethics and principles.” 

Blue and purple clouds over a shadowed landscape


I hiked up my waist in a storm

Pink cover of She Is Haunted, with the title and author name in bold black alongside a pair of scissors and lock of hair

Q&A with Paige Clark, author of She Is Haunted

Beautiful things take time. Don’t give in to internal or external pressures. Remind yourself every day that you are a writer even if nobody believes you yet, not even yourself.

Dropped Pianos

A friend told me I would find other people like me at college, and I thought she meant “people whose feelings embraced the world like a corset.”