for lee buencamino

“i part my lips in secret / glitter drips from the corners of my mouth”

The National Gallery

“It was because of the bike crash that I volunteered for an HIV-vaccine trial. I blame Brian.”

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dc/baltimore: station stairwell

Where Are You From,
Where Are You Going?

“I wonder, then, if adoption is a kind of resettlement that is only concerned with the removal of people from one country and placement in another?”


My Revolutionary Suicide Note

“This is the suicide note. / I have been writing it a long time. In the quiet place. The lower left side of my brain.”


Silence Will Not Protect Us

“For many of us at The Offing, #BlackLivesMatter isn’t just a matter of principle. It is a matter of life and death...”

Project 365

This poem is want —

“We spend the day arranging ourselves to avoid contact / but you linger on my mouth”

tangerine peel 2


“I want you to come to me / and peel back my hair.”