The Real Intersectional Oppression

The eagle poster in the bathroom at my office says it best: "Anything is possible if you have the will to fly." America's urban poor would do well to learn from that eagle.

First Kiss

I’m still learning how to read:
F-O-X, S-T-O-P, B-O-Y.

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Frozen Boyfriend

It turned out that Jared, the tragic youngster we were picking up, died in the ocean. He was sailing on the Atlantic when a storm flipped his boat and sent the crew’s bodies up the Florida coast, slashed and bloodless. By this I came to assume that he loved whales, too.

Smelling Static

He was the first time I saw two boys kiss, lying there on my stomach, head two feet from the screen.

A man with a halo in a green tunic holding some flowers in the left hand and a baby in the right

Jesus and His Stepdad, Joe

Mary admonishes him often enough. “I don’t care if you’re omnipotent, that’s no way to speak to your dad.”


aphasia of detail
& human
Here I stand on the street

a forest with a solid black silhouette overlaid, with images of galaxies inside the solid black coloring. underneath the silhouette it says "Juniper Leaves: The Otherwordly Tale of a Lonely Magical Black Girl"

This Vortex Leads to Magic

I imagine it’s what astronauts feel like in space, only we didn’t need oxygen tanks. We hovered before deep, black nothingness.