What Perfume Is,

Perfume is Semester Abroad Syndrome (when your friend kisses everyone on both cheeks to say hello now that she is back from Europe).


What is the name of the violence they have learned?
What kind of love have they learned?
Why is it so terrifying when we love ourselves?

Two Micros by Michelle Menting

Or something different: what if they claim intrusion, / something more finding its way into their bellies of deities

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black and white. drawing of a woman on a ship and smaller drawing of the woman at a desk.

Bond Voyage

“It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to.”

two doors next to each other, one light blue with flowers and one grey and rusted

Notes on Staying

& since there was no key, I guess I’ll swallow the door.


The Violence Inherent

We are at a cultural moment where Native videographers are able to exercise self­-determination and shoot back against the historicizing gaze of anthropology.