Five People with Blue Eyes

"Where did he get those gorgeous blue eyes?" The rudest strangers asked Carson the question directly. "Honey, where did you get those blue eyes?"


Violence was a family tradition. My father, his father, his father’s father.

[singing bowl]

Darling I love you / as the present moment

You are nature

your heart pushes blood
like the moon
pulls the ocean
Fast-twitch, slow-twitch

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Because I dare not be in awe

My chiropractor tells me, your sternum is shining, meaning that the small bones
in my chest are rotating, overlapping, and moving away from one another—

Dark Stars

“You need to look at the sky,” Holt is saying, taking me by the shoulders, tilting me backward, carefully, gently—so that my eyes ascend but my feet don’t slide out from under me.

black and white photo of a man reading a newspaper snd staring out a train window

Local News #1

KPLC reports they found, double-bagged in Walmart plastic along Highway 27, a severed head.

The Reeling City

Translated from Arabic by Sawad Hussain