“a poem for Justin” and Two Poems

because you asked me your first word /
& i said i didn’t know /
& i could have told you a good lie /
& made that a small poem we share.

Object Lessons

I was convinced my body was dragging my soul to damnation. And so I tried to save myself by throwing myself away.

A Guide to the Dying

The Faithless is back in the room with the Dying. A nurse knocked on the door to administer more narcotics, and the family looked away.

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The Son’s War

He would have nothing to do with death. He didn’t even believe in such a thing.

The Girl, The Well, The Ring

If you first see yourself in a host of ghosts, what does it mean to live despite that?

Prayers to My Stutter #1 and #3

Prayer to my stutter #1 Here in the red hour of repentance, how many layers of mystery do you wear? I am among the arches of your name. When midnight arrives will you be there, yet again, to drape your song on my shoulders?   Prayer to my stutter #3 Set me in the nest […]

Fire ecology

First you have a fist,
the same size as the heart, which
came before.