All the Ways


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Rise Up Thy Young Blood

In a similar vein, Rise Up Thy Young Blood depicts both the stigmatized and marginalized humans that make up America’s great “stars and stripes”, and painted with their own blood.

image of double exposure photograph

An Index of Small Stings

My fingers stop moving over the keyboard. I command myself to react, to interrupt, to at least make light of his comments in an offhand way, but I am shaking. I pull out my notebook, write his words down, and pretend this attempt at record-keeping equals doing something.

image of lottery tickets sitting on a pile of leaves


He unsticks the lottery ticket from the pigeon's feathers and sets the bird free. He's hopeful.

image of a snowy landscape with a bare tree and a full moon

Middle Distance; Now and Then

and in the morning the moon's / still full, the girl no longer / ashamed to be ashamed.