RIO-PARIS-RIO (Chapter 1)

Happiness comes naturally to Maria, but freedom sometimes overwhelms her, scatters her, causes her to latch onto the parked train on the grand boulevard of the imaginary.

Getting Out Of “The Switch Up”

After they discovered Till’s unrecognizable body in the Tallahatchie River, Carolyn Bryant, the woman Till made a slight gesture toward, testified in court that Till grabbed and verbally harassed her in a grocery store, stating, “I was just scared to death.”

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Spiced Meat and Chocolate

I blame the war. Food rationing during the war, and the ten years after, created an anxiety about food that my parents carried with them to America.

photo of barbed wire with a foggy field and trees in the background

Auntie Assata

We know revolution is a thorn studded fruit tree fenced in barbed wire painted to look like roses.

Black and white image of a neural map


I’m on the floor. Most desks / are broken. Blink. That’s not — / They interrupt: Don’t be

A layer of clouds with orange and purple sunset colors at the back

How We Hold The Dead

“If you dream it—” The Woman says to a no one, no one thing. And a no one, a nothing is a She that is no longer a body and no longer a name, but a vibration space.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at 45

This is what 45 does. Setting off feedback loops, each of us feeding back into our own tendencies and predilections and unconscious instincts.