Touch Me. Like This.

An underrated skinspot imo—so fleshy and erotic without the obviousness of tits and ass.

Blood Type Personality Theory

Beside the nation, there is the / Body.
Beyond the / Border, there is a / Body of water.
Besides the / Blood, there is the heart / Beating.

Abundant, Useless, & Utterly Mine.

I have never been able to afford a dress that did not smell like death. /
Even the moths lust for cashmere instead of polyester.

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Peculiar Ailments of the Body

At night I think about what happens after. Where the body goes. When you return this body, I think you are to make a list of all the strange wears and tears it has weathered. Perhaps an instructional record for engineers on how to mend this sheath for the next user. Or for research on how to improve our bodies, so that the next models will not experience the same ailments.

Ghostface Dumplings

Over the past year, the ghost-faced dumplings have taken on new meaning as I think about the complex relationships between food, comfort, racial identity, and sense of self.

a set of wooden and wicker chairs sits on a stage. There is a yellow spotlight shining down on the chairs and six blue lights lighting the back on the sage. In the center of the stage, a person can be seen, faintly, standing on top of a ladder. A large window pane shines more light onto the stage.


I couldn’t sleep, so I thought about the life I might have had. The man who might have loved me, tied his future with mine. The books I could have published. The places I would have visited. I said goodbye to all of them, each and every possibility, the husband I’d never hold, the stories I’d never see, the countries I’d never cultivate. Bright spots reduced to errant shadows, I loved them. Then I let them go in my heart.

Take Heart

history: each — animal migrates

The interior of a classic car, with a big steering wheel and analog dials.

On Black Decadence

Every year after, I never forgot what my father said. This is for us. This is for us. This is for us.