Haute Hands

I first encountered these disembodied hands several years ago in an antique store.

Barry Four Voices

I tell myself that I feel love but people like me don't feel things like love. Do they?

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Dancing Queen

Queerness is longing to be connected to history, community, culture. Seeing ourselves in the past is how we imagine ourselves in the future.

sepia photo of white sheets and blankets hanging on a clothesline outside

When her husband shouts

She rarely finds them now but they leave / their punctuation on her bed like laundry.

x-ray photo of a human jaw chewing on an object

Colored Spit

Keep me on your purple tongue. / I will not be swallowed like an afterthought snack.

black and white photo of winding car headlights down a dark road

Variable Planes of Motion

There are select moments in time, he thinks he hears someone say, where we can feel the breath of the earth’s soil. When the sulfur starts to fill the air and everything around you is thick as night.

All I Know of Coal

This is what happens when you cut the world in two:

& The Dirt

as in I’m scared
not by how much I need,

but by how much I’m prepared
to wreck to make it