My Body, Ms. Bey, LV

It should cost a billion to look this good—to look this much like yourself, ever changing.

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low angle photography of green and brown trees under blue sky during daytime

The Perils of Girlhood

I’ve read numerous articles about the murders, searching for some shred of evidence, some hidden rationale for this crime, but the more I read, the faster the details fade, like water smearing ink on a handwritten letter.

One yellow microbe (coronavirus) which is oval and has a crown circling it is centered to the top middle left with a black background, it's crawling along a red cell that seems circular, but only a quarter of the circle is showing.

Supply Chain Plaything

Microbe plays hopscotch on metal on plastic on leather on the rich juicy arm

Several people appear to be at a dimly lit party. They appear in silhouette, illuminated only by a red light above their heads. Two people wear long pointed animal ears.

The Infinite is Everywhere and Cheap

If my face was a mask stuck to my face, then my girldick was a strap-on I could never remove. And both were the shadows of masculinity I could never shake.