Notes on Blackouts

I look out the window at our once-bustling city that is now stuck in a perpetual state of Sunday. It’s only been six months since our microwave died, but we’ve both aged so much more in that time span.
“It’s not safe,” I say.

The Things They Schlepped

MomClub President Jenny Cross schlepped sketches of faces she saw on the street. They were not fully realized images, but Jenny Cross was hoping her daughter had not yet dropped her afternoon nap, so she kept the sketches in a Ziploc baggie in the inseam of her diaper bag. In the late afternoon, after a […]

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The Defense Cascade

A twenty-three-year-old writer is sitting in her St. Louis apartment on a winter night when she begins to feel unusually cold. She repeatedly takes her own temperature with a green plastic thermometer.

I Used to Be An Optimist

but current scientific understanding suggests that an unthinkable number of years from now, the universe will come to an end.

When I Am Queen

This is the song
in the song they thought they knew,
had picked it up on their stroll of mere centuries
until she, not a history, still writing,
wrote it on the floor. And it is too late.