Excerpt from Zigzags

I got the feeling everyone we knew was partially in love with her. That the two of us were alone and naked under the stars seemed to me like the most fortunate of coincidences.

Hotel Monteleone

Later, she understood that there would be only money—and not all that much.


you were warned, that your greedy digging,
your clawing fingers sinking into the earth, was just
like shooting up

Another Day in Paradise

And who knows how long this will last? Weeks? Months? I can't wrap my head around it.

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An Asian man and woman sit in the back seat of a car, looking over their shoulders, out the window

The Long Tail

My parents speak fluent English, and my Taiwanese is pretty well close to fluent, but some things cannot be communicated.


As a child, when I wanted
cheese, I asked for Kraft or Velveeta.

On the train from Kraków

Today begins with the beautiful / green eyes of the Gestapo /
officer. He looks /
at you & you look