Thumbnails of America

Do you wish for a heart
less like a turnstile or a mother tongue
other than a dollar?

Ten Times I Have Misunderstood Monogamy

The possibility is raised that these groups are one and the same, are in fact only collapsable into a bacteria-shaped mass made of​ the jealous​, ​the non-monogamous​, ​people​.


There is no accident at the core of this so-called “essay.” Ok, there is, but it’s not what you think.

My Body Begins Decaying on a Wednesday

Plates of biocrust crumble and fill the cracks of the tile, more maggots dribbling from every orifice: my nose, my ears, a few even wiggling out from behind my eyes.

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I wait
for your tenderness.
bleeding along
a foreign border,

Some Days the Bees are Melancholic

Some days the bees are melancholic. Someone spills soda in the hallway and the bees spend hours with sugar on their feelers, leaving small sticky footprints up the spines of #2 pencils. I’m not convinced they’ll ever handwrite an essay.

photo of colorful bouquets of flowers at a cemetery

Sarita Colonia Comes Flying

...she yearned, like everybody does, to hear her own story, narrated and sung in the voice of those who pray, hope and sing, a story that could not be a novel but rather a song...

Cities Without Cafes

“Maybe, if there were more of us in the city insisting on just the small things in life, and we had a space to exist, he wouldn’t have to die.”