The Seven Devils

Whether he met his fate in the mountains, or the mountains became a route of escape, the secret of what happened to the missing man is now forever guarded by the Devils.

Ode to Sweet Potato

Sliced, diced, fried. Boo, I think about my thighs ; what it would be like if you had thighs; how we’d cuddle, convincing ourselves we’ve been here before. We mesh and mash so well together. You home. You castle. You market where spices thicken the air: turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg — fold into you like […]

In Praise of my Threaded Eyebrows

A seed that gave birth
to a legacy worth each bruised
palm from each time you lose
your grip
& fall to roots or feet,
bare feet.

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Photo of circular lights with outline of two people

The Lives of Paul

The third time Paul died was in the middle of Maggie’s school musical

Macro photo of the red petals of a gerbera flower

The Matador

She tempts / death & leaves me, her mistress in the stands, / silk handkerchief between my teeth.

House of Worship

The most consistent yet overlooked character of any horror is easily the haunted house.