In the golden years, I forgot to turn / the lights off, bulbs gleaming like keyholes — / is anything a mirage if it lingers / in the dark?


A parrotfish, seen in silhouette, swims through blue water

parrotfish tranifesto

when my mate passes i change gender / live a new life / scatter eggs into abyss / sixty feet under the sea

a scallion emerges from the ground

Scallion Pancakes

Even lizards, starfish, and sea cucumbers
Can regrow their limbs,
Like the scallions did after my mother
Gave them a haircut before dinnertime.

a harsh light shines through darkness, illuminating a series of cave-like doors

Mirror Mother

She says, look.
The world is ending.
The bridges are unbuilding themselves.

a crack in ice


He was enough; enough for this life, this climate, this iceless hell. You must be big, to blubber yourself against change.

smoke rings lit by red light resembling blood cells

Blood Type Personality Theory

Beside the nation, there is the / Body.
Beyond the / Border, there is a / Body of water.
Besides the / Blood, there is the heart / Beating.