black and white landscape of fields next to the ocean, a lone bathtub in the foreground

Archimedes Screwed

Unable at birth / to give birth to himself, / a man like any other, / Archimedes acquiesced, / left that labor for his mother.

A parrotfish, seen in silhouette, swims through blue water

parrotfish tranifesto

when my mate passes i change gender / live a new life / scatter eggs into abyss / sixty feet under the sea

a scallion emerges from the ground

Scallion Pancakes

Even lizards, starfish, and sea cucumbers
Can regrow their limbs,
Like the scallions did after my mother
Gave them a haircut before dinnertime.

a harsh light shines through darkness, illuminating a series of cave-like doors

Mirror Mother

She says, look.
The world is ending.
The bridges are unbuilding themselves.

a crack in ice


He was enough; enough for this life, this climate, this iceless hell. You must be big, to blubber yourself against change.