"Was this your plan all along?” Toby asked one night, his chin on my chest. He still smelled faintly of fish, which was how we all smelled these days. “Stealing the dolphin to get Sophia in?”


From outside, a small section of the world is showing, with part of the United States in light yellow. Against the Atlantic Ocean, swirls of different colored lines connect.


at the company banquet; with the velvet drapes drawn; while most here would rather

pretend space is a backdrop painted for earth

Sunset photo of purple, which fades to pink, which fades to blue over some silhouettes of trees. It appears to be in the desert.


When Mother names me does she reclaim her own decay. I am born and I am dying. Doctor holds my tits in his hands. My flesh which is not my flesh retracts.

Otoliths are part of a fish's inner ear. Like tree rings, they grow in layers that help scientists determine a fish's age.

Fossil Record of a Drowning Carp

I wonder if they will call me moon goddess; if I will / chisel away a past life with carving knives / and grieving.

A light bulb glowing in the dark


In the golden years, I forgot to turn / the lights off, bulbs gleaming like keyholes — / is anything a mirage if it lingers / in the dark?

the silhouette of a plane flying in front of the disk of a full moon

Sandwiches on the Moon

Last night I dreamt I went on a work trip to the moon.
An all-woman crew, we met at the launch pad at 9 AM, PB and J’s for lunch.