Too bad / technology has overridden the soul / and we can no longer experience / true thinking.


sepia image of the 1904 World's Fair, St. Louis, Missouri: the US Government building: natural history exhibit featuring a blue whale skeleton and life-sized whale model

American Museum

They point at the skeletons and say, / not me, not me, not me.

image of the surface of dark water with pink ripples

Two Poems by Ananda Lima

As I wait for people / in hazmat suits / I am afraid / of forgetting / but I am more afraid / of remembering


#414 used to think he was destined for the rose fields of Grasse. Musk ratios. Narcotic fumes. Extracting of the absolute. But he never learned French, was the thing.

X-ray image of a skeleton in upward dog pose facing a red rubber ducky.

To Live Forever

It’s easy for people to believe that the paths they chose happen coincidentally to be correct. Nobody scoffs at Methodists like a pastor born to Presbyterians. And it’s the same for professors in the Initiatives. They belittle their competitors because if either program succeeds the other will surely die.


This is my own work. These lab mice died of swollen, broken hearts