parrotfish tranifesto

when my mate passes i change gender / live a new life / scatter eggs into abyss / sixty feet under the sea


a harsh light shines through darkness, illuminating a series of cave-like doors

Mirror Mother

She says, look.
The world is ending.
The bridges are unbuilding themselves.

a crack in ice


He was enough; enough for this life, this climate, this iceless hell. You must be big, to blubber yourself against change.

smoke rings lit by red light resembling blood cells

Blood Type Personality Theory

Beside the nation, there is the / Body.
Beyond the / Border, there is a / Body of water.
Besides the / Blood, there is the heart / Beating.

Image of exposed faulted and layered bedrock in the Noctis Labyrinthus region on Mars

De / Re / Formation

this is not to say
the bones of memory are fragile
but that the ground too
tears itself apart

a meteor streaking across the sky

You Are A Tyrannosaurus Rex

Your body carries the marks of a fight from many moons ago, and you think that if you close your eyes these marks will heal. / Close your eyes. / Go to number 2.

Radar satellite image of the oil spill of the Grande America


you were warned, that your greedy digging,
your clawing fingers sinking into the earth, was just
like shooting up