What I knew was that if and when I became non-sighted, I wanted to encounter and understand braille as a literary rubato as opposed to a lack.


photo of an electron configuration that looks like a kaleidescopic image with green in the center surrounded by yellow and red

When I Reach for Your Pulse

The electrons / within shift in perpetual motion, perpetuating illusion. What is / solid will not fall apart for unexpected reasons.

close-up photo of an industrial lightbulb


Too bad / technology has overridden the soul / and we can no longer experience / true thinking.

Black and white image of a neural map


I’m on the floor. Most desks / are broken. Blink. That’s not — / They interrupt: Don’t be

black and white photo of empty bird cages hanging on clotheslines between buildings

A Hundred and Twenty Muscles

She watched as her classmates cooed and stroked and cuddled. A tiny flame seemed to burn within her.

sepia image of the 1904 World's Fair, St. Louis, Missouri: the US Government building: natural history exhibit featuring a blue whale skeleton and life-sized whale model

American Museum

They point at the skeletons and say, / not me, not me, not me.