A net filled with water against a black backdrop.

The Observer’s Cage

Of all of us, she was the most tied to the telescope. It had been her idea. All these men and their obsession with disk size. A thirty foot disk, a sixty foot disk, a hundred foot disk. Part of her genius was to imagine a different shape: the wide fragile net.

Pictured is a landscape of gray and soft red hills, some smooth, some textured from volcanic eruption. The hills live within a crater that is otherwise flat and desolate, with some steam coming off the background.


Since I do not have enough [but] briefly I’ll summarize beginning [ ]
spinning on a tilt [ ] below Earth’s rotational axis [ ] in search of water ice [ ] on the dual moons of Mars [ ] Phobos & Deimos.

Shot of the top half of a dolphin moving through water. The water is blue/green and the dolphin is a gray color.


"Was this your plan all along?” Toby asked one night, his chin on my chest. He still smelled faintly of fish, which was how we all smelled these days. “Stealing the dolphin to get Sophia in?”

Side profile of a deer, in focus. In the background, there are green hills and mountains.


My mother asked for what she wanted in her passwords, the typed stars recording without revealing her desires.