A mysterious blue, somewhat crystalline, goo is laid on a floor.

Sludge Man: No Way Home

“We want to make a deal.  Only thing is, you’ll have to compromise your deepest ethics and principles.” 

plastic packaging with a blue graduation cap in the center on a green background. There is an orange pricetag that says 10.95

Lisa Has Her Masters

Hello HR Department,
I recently earned my Masters degree (very exciting!) and wanted to ensure you have any required documentation for this change.

A single microphone on a stage facing an empty audience. A spotlight shines on the mic.

Thank You for Coming to My Fred Talk

Not that that’s the point of this talk. It is not. I’m getting to the point. The fact is, my point is complex and will take time to make. And I understand that you, my audience, may not be, shall we say, the pointiest of pointy heads.