White specks and splotches showing gas flaring on a black background, with city names in white.

By The Numbers

On the coldest nights, you could hear these other lives. Broken housing contracts and paystubs-that-never-were fluttering their wings in the wind.

Waves of desert sand

[a beating]

the / kneeling / is / not / like prayer.

A red full moon overlapping with a projection of itself in space

Dark as in Lunar Silence

The moon tries to stay hidden, too, each
attempt as unsuccessful as the last.

Gray möbius strip against a rose-colored background


The comprehensive account of you and me is just over five pages long.

Blue and white lines and dots forming an almost plaid-like criss-cross pattern, as you'd see inside an envelope whose contents should remain private.

You Have Certain Rights

You may ask HFS to do any of the following if you ask in writing. HFS will decide if it can do what you want it to do. HFS will write to tell you what it decides.

Paper umbrellas in different colors hanging from string

Digital Ballad of the Real Mulan

The Education Bureau bans protest anthems & the chanting of slogans & the forming of human chains & anything with a strong beat & the use of the blues including electric guitar electric bass electric organ electric piano in Hong Kong schools.