A series of mirrored brick arches receding endlessly into the distance.

Little Mother

Even before she lost custody she questioned her maternal drive

Collage work of a pink map of Cidra, Puerto Rico on top of a white background. Parts of the territory are outlined in red. The map fragment is in the middle of the image and is overlaid by three rectangular cut-outs that feature red flowers on gold and black or gray backgrounds.

Memory Work

a country disappearing from our hands, but that place doesn’t exist anymore

A slant, rectangular glass propped against an amorphous purple background.


It starts just before dusk: golden hour spritzed with Callery pear trees.


Eat beef: the west wasn’t won on salad.

A red, decoratively patterned rug folded on top of red carpetting

On Becoming Memory

Remember, swollen lungs can drown. / I remember her drowning. / I am drowning myself as I write this.