A microscopic view of blue fibrous bubbles dyed red in the top-right corner.

An Abrupt Break in Thought

The em dash, often simply called the dash, is the most commonly used and most versatile of the dashes.

A lemon against a yellow background.

Question 18

Here. Whenever you’re ready.

A toothbrush with a red handle against a baby blue background.


My mouth, a mussel: soft wet bundles of clam-flesh, pearl atop the body of the oyster, alien-textured shell of jawbone and hard palate closing around it all, in a shape like clasped palms.

A beige graphic overlayed with black and red text. The red text, which is in all caps, reads "Dada" and is repeated several times.

A Mourner’s Thesaurus

Whole, adj. Synonyms: entire, complete, full. Without you, I would have never been me.

An orange cut in half amid a yellow, pink, and gray background. One of the halves is shown in cross section and is angled towards the viewer. The other half faces up, wedged and filled with M&Ms in green, orange, yellow, and red.


Job Title: Mother/grandmother to a professional triathlete and her family while they travel internationally