The Ruins

There was something about being a boy here.


A microphone in a recording studio

Rap Rights

Hip Hop was my first love, and it didn’t love me back.

Dropped Pianos

A friend told me I would find other people like me at college, and I thought she meant “people whose feelings embraced the world like a corset.”

a diptych of two polaroid images of a young Uncle Bruce.In the left photo Bruce is sitting down in a wooden chair, reading. In the right, he stands in the left frame of the photo, looking off camera with a kind of smirk. In both black and white photos Bruce wears a dark cardigan over a striped t shirt.

Of Uncles

What have I offered the uncles I’ve sought out, and how will I know whether I’ve held up my end of the bargain?

an acoustic guitar sits on a couch, with light comign in through the window of a house while the sun sets

Smalltown Boy

I’ve been told that to understand my feelings, I must first let myself feel them.

an abstract image that almost looks like the lens of a camera or like an echo of ring lights in motion. white circles of consecutively larger size emerge from a black circle at the image's center.

On Light

Content Warning: Self-harm, Suicide