Honey, my earth is merciful. You understand? / I call you mine not as ownership but because / you are a part of me.


A layer of clouds with orange and purple sunset colors at the back

How We Hold The Dead

“If you dream it—” The Woman says to a no one, no one thing. And a no one, a nothing is a She that is no longer a body and no longer a name, but a vibration space.

photo of a black metal chair in a red room

Waiting Rooms

Feliks Garcia was working on this essay when he suddenly passed away on February 24, 2017.

a completely empty subway platform

Outta the way, Muslim

It’s what I am, undeniably. Brown skin, long clothes, hijab wound twice around my hair. In this moment, it is both fact and insult.

a valley with grass, trees, and a river with mountains

Apocalypse Logic

Two boston-tilixam asked the people in line behind me, “Is this the line to get in?” When they heard that it was, they went to the front of the line.

a sketch of thick entangled strings or ropes

The Break

you are the prize of the Ones

Street art of Black woman holding an oversize pencil like a weapon

A Hashtag, A Movement, A State of Mind

Public appeals to government officials remain a powerful way to build support and make allies. Another powerful way, maybe more so, is to write. Write the story. Write the arguments.