Outta the way, Muslim

It’s what I am, undeniably. Brown skin, long clothes, hijab wound twice around my hair. In this moment, it is both fact and insult.


Street art of Black woman holding an oversize pencil like a weapon

A Hashtag, A Movement, A State of Mind

Public appeals to government officials remain a powerful way to build support and make allies. Another powerful way, maybe more so, is to write. Write the story. Write the arguments.

A Black woman holds a child who is looking at the camera


What is the name of the violence they have learned?
What kind of love have they learned?
Why is it so terrifying when we love ourselves?

Changes in The Offing

A publication — indeed any organization — that cannot make a foundational commitment to this work does not have the imagination necessary to engage in truly transformative idea generation.

Literary Juneteenth
(or Why I Left The Offing)

“Anti-blackness is everywhere. It’s as Diasporic as a drumbeat. We black folks in America live with its thousands of daily iterations. The literary world is not immune from them.”