Looking down at the top of ten unopened soda cans. The cans are wet with condensation.

Soda Money

Note to self: When you grow up, men will dole out cash.

A streetlight reflects off the windshield of a car, parked at night.


We were habits built and snapped, promises made and snuffed.

Lisa Simpson carries at saxophone, looking up at a man's silhouette against the moon.

My Cotton Creole Sister

She chooses her dignity over her desire to be “in” with the crowd, no posse but her own.

A close-up shot of the ocean after sunset.

Body of Water

so, I ask you, will you allow yourself to picture the miraculous immeasurable sea

A lily (a white flower) set against a dark background.


Where I wanted to hold, I gave way. Where I wanted to rest, I kept moving.

A black barbell with one flat weight close to the camera reading "45 lbs."

homage to hip thrusts

During my workouts I imagine the possibility that my mother and I are almost the same person, the same spirit.