Rap Rights

Hip Hop was my first love, and it didn’t love me back.


a diptych of two polaroid images of a young Uncle Bruce.In the left photo Bruce is sitting down in a wooden chair, reading. In the right, he stands in the left frame of the photo, looking off camera with a kind of smirk. In both black and white photos Bruce wears a dark cardigan over a striped t shirt.

Of Uncles

What have I offered the uncles I’ve sought out, and how will I know whether I’ve held up my end of the bargain?

an acoustic guitar sits on a couch, with light comign in through the window of a house while the sun sets

Smalltown Boy

I’ve been told that to understand my feelings, I must first let myself feel them.

an abstract image that almost looks like the lens of a camera or like an echo of ring lights in motion. white circles of consecutively larger size emerge from a black circle at the image's center.

On Light

Content Warning: Self-harm, Suicide

A pair of antlers affixed to the wall.

Thy God Loki

If Loki’s worth is inherent, then perhaps ours is, too.

A black umbrella takes up most of the frame, with rain falling on it.

How Grief Works

how voraciously I will hunt in every minutiae of life a hint of my dearly departed

Dark, up close view of water droplets

On the Semblance of Solid Ground

Neither of us can comfortably bend our minds around the gap between leaving and having been left behind, even for a brave possibility.