Free Black Gxrlz and Free Palestine

Solidarity is profoundly simple at its core: should we ever find that our comfort is at the expense of someone else’s life, it becomes our responsibility to divorce from such comforts.


A small figure silhouetted against the night sky filled with stars and the Milky Way

Back to the Future

Black History must, for us, be more than brief vignettes of fragmented storytelling of bus boycotts and voter rights.

The Capitol building dome at night, yellow caution tape in the foreground

The Other Side of Imagination

This month, consider what resources you find yourself in abundance of if you are not Black. And if you are, which resources this month are you reclaiming?

Black and white photo of Scrabble tiles spelling out RESOLUTIONS

On Resolutions

Here’s the truth: This year, you’ve been through a lot.

Silhouette of a hand inserting a card into a ballot box

Vote, or…

I believe we each have a fight, specific and distinct to us. I do not believe that toil begins or ends at the ballot box.

A black and white photograph of an arm lifting a white poster board that reads no justice no peace.

With Liberty, and Justice, for All.

I invite you to orient yourself toward justice, to move as one who believes that your freedom is inextricably linked to mine, and act beyond your comfort or convenience.