love in the time of medias_res(onant)_wor(l)ds

Riven with lossless and lossy files, love exists but it's modulated and temporally indexed, spectral and weightless yet numerical and algorithmic. It signals and loops, feeds-back and computes, screen-snaps subversions against the horizon of an always imminent server shutdown and reboot.

My First Motorcycle

At least once a week for the three years I owned that bike, I would be flagged down by men who wanted to talk about it.

Beyond Nordstrom

On a clear blue day, Denver is nature's mall.

Mirrored columns arranged before a sea of bamboo. It is difficult to tell where the mirrors end and begin, but for the reflection of the author in them.

Ulysses’ Dream

Aspects of the Villa Carmignac’s exhibition Ulysses’ Dream are meant to situate viewers into a ritualistic, narrative, and interactive space. The journey itself from La Tour Fondue in Hyéres, France, to Porquerolles Island will immediately get attendees imagining away the scores of tourists, the safety of cell phones, and the powerful engine of the passenger […]


But at 36, I can leave
Wash the smoke off.