Prof. Iris Rampling, Director of the academic center and my boss, was on her way home, monochrome in head-to-toe black, bag over her shoulder, perfectly straightened bob of white hair fluttering. She asked me with the efficiency of a woman who is late for her evening gin and tonic if I was uncomfortable by Anthony's attention.


Lines in black, yellow and blue.

There Was Never a Beginning or End in the First Place

A sense that something has existed before and that it will continue to exist hereafter — a sense that I will exist forever. These were the emotions that Candy Koh’s works evoked within me when I encountered them for the first time.


It felt for me like so many of mom's habits, hovering, overprotective.

Mussolini Obelisk, built by Costantino Costantini in 1932 at the entrance of Foro Mussolini in Rome.

Proposal for a Dismantling

My proposal would destroy this obelisk and transform the marble into public seating to be placed around the city of Rome. The project would extend towards creating a large public seating program made from cut sections of other fascist era monuments and architecture.


I was hooked, of course: I'm the kind of guy who only just avoided getting a tattoo saying "I contain multitudes."