I was hooked, of course: I'm the kind of guy who only just avoided getting a tattoo saying "I contain multitudes."


This image is Alex Jackson's work The House of Asterion (For Borges), 2023, Acrylic and Marker on Aluminum Panel, 6 7⁄8 x 9 7⁄8 inches. Image courtesy of the artist and Peep.

Alex Jackson’s Mythologies of Survival

Without the proper identification or with emergency pamphlets that cannot ensure a safe landing, survival reads like a maze along mythological borders. 


The tones of Vietnamese were the earliest I heard, they took root in my brain.

love in the time of medias_res(onant)_wor(l)ds

Riven with lossless and lossy files, love exists but it's modulated and temporally indexed, spectral and weightless yet numerical and algorithmic. It signals and loops, feeds-back and computes, screen-snaps subversions against the horizon of an always imminent server shutdown and reboot.

My First Motorcycle

At least once a week for the three years I owned that bike, I would be flagged down by men who wanted to talk about it.