Image shows a close up of gray and brown pebbles on a shoreline, shining with water. The water is clear, and the photo is lit by dim bluish light.

Atmospheric Conditions

to pluck / each string and hear a
dissonant throat / opening into water

A textured collage. Two Black women with full afros and glasses stand near each other facing the left of the image. Raised cut outs of orange text reading BUDDA-BUDDA

Feature: Mitchell L. H. Douglas

Sorry, / a friend died / of an overdose—heroin— /
& poetry class is no place / for an outburst.

Image shows a thin, pink petaled flower in focus. The background is blurred, with faint outlines of trees and a white sky. The light shines through the petals and the veins are visible.

friction polish

the patterns of silk catch light and dust and i rush it all away.

Photograph of four monarch butterflies flying and blurred against a black background

Feature: Sally Wen Mao

If beauty signaled so much power, why did four out of four historical beauties die tragically?


The truth came to me through muddy hands and silly smiles.
In knotted laces, I learned patience.