black and white polaroid photo of an apple and its shadow with a handwritten note at the top that says "hold your tongue and say..."

No Funeral

You mourn the girl I was / as if I killed her, / as if I left her / in a field somewhere, / shipwrecked in the dry grass –

For my Brother

heads touched, our
dreams were related
by blood.

Fragrant Maiden is China’s most wanted

I sirened I lamped my bones and the boys mothed to me
said woman I’ve got to have you halve you
like a river I have no memory of being named

A Field, Any Field

I believe you believe you meant me no harm,
yet violence was the first way you learned to hold anything.

photo of orange and green cherry tomatoes hanging on a vine


Science, do not forsake us. / Pretend dying won’t be inglorious / and hard, that we’ll reflect light like gowns / sequined and glittering