My Girls & I

& yes i know that stray dogs enter the compound in the dark and sit on the swing & yes i have seen their oblong eyes juiced in meditative silence & yes sometimes i join them


Image shows stairway, stroller and casket cover as described in the poem.


& ever after, I’ve felt the narrow // passage beside the stroller widen & widen.

An image looking through the San Andreas Fault, with view showing a narrow canyon and a hazy sky above.


We spooned
out avocados beside lakes, // I licked pink salt from your nape, /
drew the shapes of continents
on your back

Cover image of ( ghost gestures ) by Gabrielle Civil

from ( g h o s t g e s t u r e s )

The doll was small, about a foot long, with a cloth body and a 1920s-style, plastic Kewpie face. She was pitch-black like the new moon.

Image shows two imperfect ice cubes illuminated in blue light on a dark red reflective surface.

“Almost” and Two Poems

the whale doesn’t move // the sea fills its stomach // with things that cannot sing