Two Poems

A nickname for God: The Lord Elephant. Lord mule.
Lord’s acres. Hospital Lord. Texas for God Alabama.
God’s sea of blue tarps.


close-up photo of a Jimmy Choo label on a high-heeled shoe

The Devil Wears Prada

Like any garment, men have their seasons.
I wear them to pay the rent.

photo of three stones stacked on top of one another and one small stone next to the pile

Mother Siege

I know it is a song
as much as a scream but
it melts the walls: let me build.

The Dog

How easily / I could imagine a version of our lives / in which he kept all his suffering secret from me. / I saw the beer on the counter.

Art Movie

The train stopped, still loads new passengers, but the conductor won’t let me get off and kiss you. You know that’s what I haunted to do.

Legal Tender

The only currency that abides
is how we choose to spend our time.