Image shows a tall, large cactus, dark green, against a bright light blue sky fading to white near the bottom of the photo.

Mama’s Journey

You would be crossing the river. / You couldn't bring anything with you.

Photo of a small church beneath a vast starry sky. The cross atop the steeple glows.

i’ll pray for you when you leave

you’re not even catholic, and i’m not even catholic,
and we’ve just played the biggest prank on the church since
the time that those kids teepeed the courtyard at st. joseph’s.

A photograph of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge at daybreak. The bridge is still lit by evenly distributed light posts as the sky transitions from dark blue to light blue.

First Love

You are with me wherever I go.

Torn Lungs

Our bodies, my mother answers, //
when I ask her what the world reined. The world / tightening / its fist.