A bundle of green herbs are tied together and lay on a white marble countertop.

Like Kings

Something has equalized you now, you and Sharon. You both have adult hands.

The book cover of The Holy Days of Gregorio Pasos


I closed my eyes and fell into an odd, light sleep from which I could hear Rocío’s and Nico’s voices as clearly as if I were awake. I tried to move and couldn’t. I tried to call out to them, but my mouth wouldn’t open.

An arrangment of mostly wooden buildings surround a square; this is part of Fort Stanwix in New York.

Museum Piece

But the new tunnels’ patina is wrong: dry and crisp, lacking the centuries-old drip and goo that lends the catacombs their secretive, haunted air.

A swirl of white and fuchsia ice cream


An enlarged left ventricle is one of the most serious types of enlarged heart. It can result in organ failure.

A facade of an old, dilapidated wooden building. A shrub grows in front of an open window frame.


I had no itinerary apart from a visit to the island with the horses, a treat for my last day.

A bunch of persimmons are stacked on top of each other.


So Nora doesn’t have the time to call home, to fly back to Maryland for Christmas.