Cover of Amnesia of June Bugs, featuring a clockface in the center and other abstract shapes in orange and gray

The Hungarian Divorce in Seven Movements

Before the great split, they went out clubbing at glitzy boums (aka discothèques), sipping on delicate café au laits, the foam in their mugs forming hearts and arrows, portraits of le Pont Neuf, the Musée d’Orsay, and La Défense.

Close-up of black, beige, and red asphalt


Neither of us were drunk. It was just dark outside, the streets narrow, and we were turning a bend, and then the quiet thump beneath us, like a balloon deflating.

A black phone cord

The Sound Eats You Whole

Most of them had specific requests: They asked me to pretend to be the people they missed or wanted to be.

The underside of a dome-shaped building cast in orange light, with a spiral of blue sky visible between the arches of the building.

Nothing to Declare

You check the clock on the wall and see your flight boards in less than an hour. You’re cutting it closer than you like.