Six Poems from Frayer

In houses all alike women embroider / your future on moccasins sold / to tourists. It's as if the light is waning.


Natural History

contrary to popular belief
—florists included—
tulips are not native to Holland, but to Anatolia instead.

image of a miniature potted bonsai tree on a windowsill with a city in the background

Neither Madame, nor Mademoiselle

You understand, don't you? This strange feeling that consumes you when you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person in front of you.

image of raindrops on a windowpane

From A Greater Music

From 에세이스트의 책상; Translated by Deborah Smith

Room 10

“The doctors don’t know which disease Niza has. Limp-handed, they lay their needles to her numb limbs.”