Pont au Change

In two seconds you cannot: change your life. But a traffic light can.

A Letter and a Photograph

That night, L couldn’t fall asleep. The portrait he saw hanging in Hye-gyŏng’s room lingered before his eyes.

photo of a line of soldiers, the Russian military honor guard, standing in a line at a ceremony

Government Funding

an overgrown manchild importantly spitting / his wild image, going shopping along the main / drag of city life, greedily bringing his lips / closer to the bottle to get to the bottom / of non-things

photo of colorful bouquets of flowers at a cemetery

Sarita Colonia Comes Flying

...she yearned, like everybody does, to hear her own story, narrated and sung in the voice of those who pray, hope and sing, a story that could not be a novel but rather a song...

photo of a wave breaking on the shore

Excerpt from Moonbath

Even so, it wasn’t going to take long for our life, too, to shrivel, for the ground to crack under our feet, for the light dresses of women to darken to the color of grief.