The Capybara

"So we've accomplished our plan. How does it feel?" In the back seat, Ah Yung slaps the capybara's belly, which rings out like a ripe watermelon.


photo of a bed and nightstand in front of a window in a dark room

For No One

Let’s say her name was Llucia and I didn’t know how to love her...

photo of three small quaint homes in the woods

From Angel Dinner

At the end of November, the angels appear in the forest. They arrive with the first frost.

photo of a chair to the side of an acorn desk

Selections from Mother Tongue

But in most writing workshops today, unfortunately, students are taught to write without fear and with their head held high.

landscape photo of a marsh at sunset

Six Poems from Frayer

In houses all alike women embroider / your future on moccasins sold / to tourists. It's as if the light is waning.

RIO-PARIS-RIO (Chapter 1)

Happiness comes naturally to Maria, but freedom sometimes overwhelms her, scatters her, causes her to latch onto the parked train on the grand boulevard of the imaginary.

Poems from “Blackbird’

PANORAMA Before opting, before whichever road, the current scrapes the sound of rocks, light, leaf litter. The wind, neither northerly nor southerly, clears life on an indefinite point, dry thistles on clay. Man creates a city in his mind, offers his exhaustion, the rainwater, electricity which snakes through cables. Later defeats the evidence, graduates from […]