Every saint & prophet has known madness—
a chilling, restless, lone madness.

Majnoon, in rapture, cries out for Laila,
heart aflame with the stones’ madness.

Let the starved man set his field ablaze—
what won’t burn when you’ve sown madness?

Dear God, spare me the light of You—
I’ve tried and tried to disown madness.

Move deeper into Yaman’s darkness—
the tabla will rise to an unknown madness.

One cold night, they found her alone
hungry, trembling, in full-blown madness.

Follow him down the road of his exile;
the madman’s quiet in his own madness.

Shahid, my love, sing with restraint;
you haven’t learned to hone madness.

Dear Body—

The days poured out in a continuous stream, disappearing as though through a sieve.

reverse tongue abecedarian

keep / fertile the jambu groves our fathers freed. let us be more than / echo of river’s ebb.

Speculative Song

the page, bearing a vow.]