Pregnancy Guidebooks
for Cool Moms

How to Conceive and Birth a Human (In Your Own Backyard)

Voices from the Womb: Real Fetuses Talk About Life on the Inside

Pregnancy Hacks, Vol. 1: How to Grow a Genius by Eating Real Human Brains

A Crowning at Cinderella’s Castle: The Complete Guide to Giving Birth at Disney

Understanding Ur Nasty, Changing Body: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Almanac for Teens

Mucus Plug, Schmucus Plug: The Myth of Female Vaginal Birth

Help, My Baby’s a Taurus! What to Do If You Hate Your Child’s Sun Sign

Pregnancy Hacks, Vol. 2: How to Induce Labor by Setting Your Hair on Fire

Gynos, Who Needs ‘Em? The Carnie’s Guide to Pregnancy