Gig Request: Seeking Violinist

Excerpts from my GigSalad Inbox

“It’s a wedding proposal. Would love to add more value to it.”

“Budget is low $200 or so”

“The event will be private and intimate.”

“I want to surprise my girlfriend in bed”

“Maybe with a cellist as well?”

“This occasion should not take very long.”

“We will be wearing Venetian masks”


“I would love to have Pachelbel’s Canon played while I enter.”

“This is a small surprise for my girlfriend so I need it to be perfect!”

“The violinist can stand near the rear.”

“We are flexible with positioning.”

“Would prefer electric violinist”

“There will be a white dove, but it should not get in the way.”


“People will be watching from their windows/balconies”

“I just want the violinist to look well groomed”

“‘here comes the bride’ is the key thing”

“Wondering if you know any contemporary Christian songs that would be appropriate?”

“There will be individual tables. Ideally, you will walk around the tables.”

“Very open to being coached on how to make it the best experience.”

“Make it fancy ;)”

“Requesting: Acrobat”


Lisa Has Her Masters

Hello HR Department,
I recently earned my Masters degree (very exciting!) and wanted to ensure you have any required documentation for this change.

Daydreaming of Chris Hemsworth

Coarse sheets, rose quartz on an altar. None of this belongs to me. / Rain softens everything outside, white flowers become foam. / You cleaned yourself with my shirt.