New Business Model For Firemen

I worry about the firemen during
the monetization of America.
How will they turn a profit because,
after all, ‘fire sale’ is just an expression?


While cops could arrest people on spec
for private prisons, the fire
industry can’t shop an inferno
around to the highest bidder.


Murderbilia of serial killers
gets top dollar, but firemen
can only sell smoldering abs
on calendars – arsonists for the eyes.


Soon they will bargain for blazes –
compete to see who can get to
the roaring flames in the most
cost effective ways.


They could re-brand as book burners
or man water cannons at protests,
but they would turn sentimental
at the sound of an explosion.


Unlike hospitals and schools, a station
can’t charge per customer, but someone
leaning out a burning window puts the rescuer
in an excellent bargaining position.

Ashes Above Us

I want to know what became of the girl but my aunts don’t know anything more about her, not even her name.