Ode to Sofia’s Mouth

mouth of racket and cry                you
broken mouth             you      tattered
child       untwisted                          lip
upturned silence                    who told
this          mouth          to           speak?
damned teeth crooked chin
wild open jaw
taut cheeks       tongue-tied       locked
and loud        exasperated bark    sickly
cough             she stay silent and what
you get for it?                 let the mouth
do                            what it came to do
mouth of needing         mouth of want
speaking mouth                 uncensored
made          of the dull wooden stump
the   lowest   piano   key            stifled
sound   mouth full of       swollen fists
what are your risks?          what music
you made                      when they cut
your vocal chords                        Sofia
keep leaning                      into the girl
               of yourself
oh      Sofia               keep laughing

Story Arc

“some say he lit women / ablaze as a source of light”

Thing is an Amen

“I am trying to make / a poem that listens / some space.”


“And I piss on the great saguaro; with my / Lips split open and wide owl eyes.”