A Villanelle

Waves taped to my face, I’m crying
                  Then sucking dick for rent. When the
Police lights drift across me like rose petals.

Rory, I’m not sure how we got here.
                  Two punk faggots, sleeping in the
Parking lot outside of Casino Morango. I’m crying

                  Every time he plays the sad song in my
Mouth. [Smack these teeth like piano keys]. Watch
The Police lights drift across my windshield.

Rory, do you think we can outlive this?
[The sound of conch shells cracking].
                                    Waves taped to my face. I have

Five dollars left — if we go to the gas station
                  How far away can you drive drunk?
Lights spinning across the pavement

And I piss on the great saguaro; with my
                  Lips split open and wide owl eyes.
                                    [I’m broken like a wishbone].
Police lights call me “criminal.”

Story Arc

“some say he lit women / ablaze as a source of light”


"I don't know if / I really considered / going but that / it was in the world / like I was"


"i’m gunless like a thing with wings"