Thing is an Amen

I                  am                          trying         to                make
a                             poem          that             listens
some           space.          A       straight      clean
razor           from            one
end              of                white              supremacy
to                 the               other
end              which          I                     know
I                   am               tied                to
historically  and              belly              how
to heal         when             I    have been   taught
to                  go                on                 unknowing      and sure
not                listening     not                 feeling
the first                            step                is knowing
the               thing            I am good                               for
right now    is                 listening        maybe               offering
an Amen     that is           uncolonized      an Amen
that is                              uncanonized.
An Amen     that is not                                                   a cannon
blowing        a hole                  through      the hymn.