Fragrant Maiden is China’s most wanted

Fragrant Maiden is the literal translation of Shi Xianggu, more commonly known as Ching Shih (Ching’s widow). She was the infamous pirate queen of the late 19th century, feared by the British, Portuguese, and Qing Dynasty’s navies. Formerly a sex worker in British-occupied Canton, she was kidnapped by pirates, married twice, and eventually led the largest pirate fleet in history, terrorizing European colonial trading forces and the late Chinese empire. She is one of the few pirates to retire peacefully.

Fragrant Maiden is China’s most wanted

this country’s least wanted: girls
and ghosts god I wasn’t born I cannonballed
out of my mother I hollowed her breasts
into boats o China my country my cunt sore my loyal leash
you aren’t the first to say you want me on my back
at the brothel I was born most wanted China’s best
whorewhen the midwife I sirened I lamped my bones and the boys mothed to me
said woman I’ve got to have you halve you
like a river I have no memory of being named
I flood anonymous I rinse Canton like my rice
bowl bitch that I am I bark into a tree
you can’t fuck a country wants me like a man wants
his mother a mouth to eat out of a bulletholed
breast sprays a meadow with milk grows heads
of cabbage clients brothel mothers beat
me with brooms whip me with my own braid
I belt a seasong I sack my body to steal
it back listen to my mast moan as it makes
a wind to marry I sail home to you China
hear the shore shark with teeth and eat you
out to sea I stroke my sword I finger
-comb your beach clean I slut like the sea
I’m room enough for every man to drown
inside me twice China say you want me
I’ll come with a fleet to father you o o yes
I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming for you


he bends me over and asks me to call him daddy so i say who? or blocked

I Own My Sexuality

i’m a cavern are you sick of
hearing bout my poor sweet cunt
shall i find another lexicon for my claw
shaped want