he bends me over and asks me to call him daddy so i say who? or blocked
number. or yeah, i understand, next time.  you say i have daddy issues. so,
it’s tuesday and i still want to be loved. and sometimes love is a call two days after
your birthday with a promise you know can’t be kept. but it feels good
that he’s still trying. that you’ve learned to wrap yourself in his good intentions
and lull yourself to sleep. i keep telling myself i don’t want men anything like my father
but the last four dudes i’ve taken seriously have been libras and sometimes they forget
to text or show up. and if that’s not a daddy than i don’t know what is.

Fat Fuck

Tell me my belt wraps the world’s waist / then beat me with it.

Amor Fati

“I am trying to understand. I have washed / clean the canopy and set the knives in order.”