I Own My Sexuality

you asked for it
i like blunt pressure
dick i like shallow
can’t be mine
on my own
i’ll swallow it whole
i’m a cavern
hearing bout
shall i find another
shaped want
the diamond in my mouth
like an almost-cock
my smell
through flared jeans
has no doors
when i thrust a finger in
i will rub against exterior
of an empty bed
if this is a porno i am fording
in the smallest boat
i’d like to leave the world

i don’t care if you never did
give me foot thigh tumescent
wet licks boys girls whatever
i do believe i’m most buoyant
if you buy me a dildo
are you sick of
my poor sweet cunt
lexicon for my claw
parched weed bald debris
sucking you in fear
i can’t say i remember
except when i am bleeding
the strongest exit
i feel nothing
give me the hearty gourd
planets give me the edge
if this is floating i am never full
a grotto
i’d like to lick some tits
through a fragrant hole


“I build a revolution / in my bedroom / every time I masturbate.”

Bê Ðê

“Slur song. Steel pipe dragged across pavement / clicking a two-beat count. Heart”
Trans Issue 2015