Two Micros by Marwa Helal

greater than > a sound equation

a page turn~ing > a light switches off > piles of snow absorb all sound > heat tinkers on for the first time this season > the fridgerator’s reassuring hum > neighbor’s loud flatulence > a persistent car alarm > the old neighbor’s dog barking at 3:00 am > this neighbor yelling allo?! ALLO?! = he is talking to god again in the middle of the night

so i start talking to god too


subject: some ish im grateful for
my vacuum
the sky
incense rituals
the sky
blue sky
the ability to rearrange the universe


“Aiming at my conscience with the blackest of her eyes, she asks me if I believe in God.”

Lesson One in Aging

“It's 9 am on Sunday. I know this because I can hear my neighbor having sex”