Two Micros by April Penn

“Broken Magic” and “Inside/ Outside”

Trans Issue 2015

Broken Magic

Gender identity
it doesn’t give me an answer
it’s like a broken Magic 8 Ball
all I can see is the purple liquid
and something white and piercing
almost breaking through


Inside/ Outside

Inside my heart, there is another heart
shaped like a boot.
Inside of the boot, a dead bird lies in a casket.

Outside, the snow makes new again
where old feet have yet to tread.
Boots stained with salt sulk at the door head.

I am dying, lightly as a snowflake.
On my face, a blank expression
shaped like a boot.

Nobody realizes this is a viewing.
The corpse has already arrived.
The traffic stops only for the snow.

Letter to Self

When Asked to Defend Your Position
On Why You Are Non-Binary
Trans Issue 2015