“racst/aunts” and “the only split/hoof”

Footnote: In 1908 disabled Jewish anarchist Selig Silverstein attempted to throw a homemade bomb at a group of police officers during a workers rights rally. It exploded in his hand and killed him and a bystander. This image, as the caption written onto the image details, is of the police searching another activist.


WE THE PEOPLE is a work of mail art anonymously submitted by an American artist. Within is a curated list of QR codes linking to public physical sites, free to the public, one for each state in the union.

Cyborg Mestiza

What happens when so many versions of ourselves compete for our attention and for the attention of others?

Rise Up Thy Young Blood

In a similar vein, Rise Up Thy Young Blood depicts both the stigmatized and marginalized humans that make up America’s great “stars and stripes”, and painted with their own blood.