#50FREE Flag

WE THE PEOPLE is a work of mail art anonymously submitted by an American artist. Within is a curated list of QR codes linking to public physical sites, free to the public, one for each state in the union.

Before arriving at The Offing, the postcard was physically sent to each of the sites listed on Juneteenth, June 19, 2017, with a planned arrival date well before Independence Day (July 4). Each site is included as a celebration and reflection of the importance of our freedoms at a time when our current political system is threatening our values as a democracy.

The artist has asked that credit be given to the people of America who fight for Freedom.

Front of postcard design in red, white, and blue.

Back of postcard design for WE THE PEOPLE.

[To scan the QR codes, we recommend pulling this page up on your computer, clicking on the image, and then using your favorite QR scanning app on your mobile to scan each code.]

Downloadable PDFs:
The Front!
The Back!

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