Artist Feature: Christopher Paul Jordan

Christopher Paul Jordan – Trivia

– began as a digital artist creating Blackplanet profiles for his friends at age 12
– learned to use spray paint from a high school classmate
– sculpts with glass and resin
– taught himself to paint with brushes in Trinidad and Tobago in 2014
– has produced murals ranging from 100 to 7,000 sq. ft so far
– is a public artist transitioning into a studio practice
– explores the hidden politics of binoculars as objects steeped in colonial expansion
– co-directs a youth art center called Fab-5
– mines NASA’s Chandra and APOD archives for conspiracies
– “creates infrastructures for dialogue and self determination among dislocated people”
– recently built an LED integrated basketball amphitheatre called #HomeCourt253 with Kenji Stoll
– is preparing his first solo exhibition Latent Home
– occasionally creates album artwork for his brother
– has an obsession with mediated reality which influences his painting practice
– is a pastor’s kid from Hilltop, Tacoma


Mediated-reality panoramic painting for #COLORED2017 Tacoma


Untitled digital collages


Welded Viewmaster embedded with stereoscopic collages at Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park


For Skate, Untitled Two, Don’t Want None


Digital photographs for upcoming Latent Home exhibition at Kittredge Gallery (University of Puget Sound)
– Black only opening Monday Nov 13th
– Public reception Wednesday Nov 15th

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