Electric Medicine

Selected works from Rob Gibsun’s Electric Graffiti series.

Rob Gibsun…

  • Is currently working on: An art book of live drawings from poetry competitions/festivals, local open mics and hip-hop performances; a poetry manuscript; and writing for the next SoLuh! album
  • Can’t live without: Prismacolor Premier Double-ended Brush/Chisel Tip Markers
  • Is influenced by: “The poetry embedded in my mother’s storytelling and my father’s ‘I just wanna put that bug in your ear’ advice”
  • Creates to: “Mystline” by Nujabes
  • Gets motivated through: “Improvised freestyling session or running lines of old poems in new cadences”

As a communications artist, I remix visual and written language to create something unseen yet resonant. If my art will outlast my physical body, I want my body of work to move the masses, as an emcee would move a crowd.

Exaggerated and refined brushstrokes archive my subject(s) by integrating traditional drawing techniques with digital and/or “calligraffiti” design elements.

These artworks were created while listening to my favorite songs/speeches/interviews by the subject on repeat. Thus, Electric Medicine is an on-time letter from a pen pal you ain’t know you had; an energy transfusion, my challenge to family, friends, public figures and musicians to keep the inspiration cypher going.

Artist Feature: Nanci Amaka

Some things require you sit in the dark for them to reveal themselves to you. Other things will never fully reveal themselves, though we feel their presence.

8 Minutes

Word got out that after the diver gangs mug people, they eat them. That's when people started to panic.

Guns, Surfers, and Pop Sculpture

It is the first week of fall, and Venice smells like sagebrush. Kevin Ancell, the Dogtown street kid turned renaissance painter, is smoking outside the gallery, telling how this building was “the original boathouse for the gondolas.” In a couple of hours, much of the California surf community, mobilized by Kelly Slater’s latest social media post, will flood the space.