My sister used me as the disciplinarian.
But mainly for educational purposes.
So when she told my niece, G’head—
tell him! I assumed an F was involved.

Kim shifted on the sofa, her witness stand.

Come on, my sister said. Just tell him!

What already? I wanted this over with.

Michele inflated as she drew the air in.
Your niece here, she said, is a fag hag!

What? I turned to Kim, who shrugged.

You have a gay friend? I asked. At ten?

No! my sister blurted. She has THREE!

Three? I said. Who? Are they out at school?
The same elementary where I had to hide.

After some cross-examination, I got this:
Dylan told everyone. But is still popular.
Seth told only Kim’s friend circle. For now.
And Brandon—Well, he didn’t tell anyone,
Kim said. But sometimes … ya just know.

Michele pursed her lips the way she does
when her scratch game wins big. Yeah, well,
I always did say that my daughter MUST
have gay friends! But three! And at ten!

At that rate, I said, how many will you have
at twenty, Kim? But before she could answer,
Michele said, Uchh, her math? Let’s not.