ares learns how to talk to aphrodite on mosholu parkway

AYO MA, lemme take ya to Napolis and then slam dat thang on ya, IMJUSPLAYIN! I meant dat regula slice. They call me arecito, my boys, and listen here, I wanchu to be my girl when we walk down Bainbridge Ave, pero un perrito en la cama, entiende? Heard ya study real good, so u know dat code switchin shit as well as u know Dale, Dale Don Dale. Wachumean I cant hold ya Sidekick? Yea, u could get it back just dame un besito, Ill hold it real high, jump for it, dime por favor. U know why they call him Daddy Yankee right? U seen my tags at the Burke Ave Bridge? Im quick wit dat shit, dare any cop to chase me down. U herd I beat the shit out adonis last week, right? He gone like a memory. But mami, waboutchunme? I see two tickets for Happy Feet at Bay Plaza in our future. My cousin got the hook up, even take u to Burger King afterwards.WELLFUKUDEN!UUGLYWILDINASSHOEIAINEVENLIKEU
ANDTHENAndTHENAndThen imma go home and think bout chu the whole night, imma listen to dat Hitclips song u kept playing and rent Selena from Blockbuster like u do and check ya AIM away message to see if u thinkin bout me cuz I know u obsessed like I’m obsessed cuz when I told my Tío I liked u, he said treat ‘em like garbage, they love dat shit.