Aesthetics for Our New Mech-Punk Musical Duo

1. Alien promposal
2. Sex dungeon geometry class
3. Fruit of a tree watered exclusively with Red Bull
4. The Space Jam theme song performed by a blender
5. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos corporate headquarters
6. A Bedazzler brought back to life by a troubled teenage girl in 2040 Cincinnati
7. The Swedish audiobook of Neuromancer being played in reverse
8. Leather daddies at the botanical garden
9. A shooting star crushing a leprechaun in its descent towards Earth
10. Karl Marx & Sigmund Freud’s let’s-make-a-lovechild playlist
11. What a bonfire is thinking at the height of its power
12. The end credits of Steel Magnolias, probably
13. Google Translate converting Lisa Frank stickers to binary
14. The sound that gummy bears make when they’re being eaten
15. Leon Theremin playing his own instrument
16. If you know what I mean
17. Lunar eclipse Tae Bo
18. *tellers making out in the duct above the bank vault*
19. What a pipe hears when you plunge the toilet and then kick the toilet and then pour in Drano
20. Björk snoring in an MRI machine