from Enemigo

Translated from Spanish by Alonso Llerena


of all the faceless animals none can see my left side
my face is in your mouth
as a tongue bit by memory
it does not hurt and I know
every pain is sufferable
every pain is a word
evidence the body requires to know itself

this floor is full of animals
& my brother is
the least dead of them all

he robbed my hands to construct a bed
he sleeps on protected from the fire
he dreams of our mother not tossing children to the fire
he dreams of perfect animals
all winged
all gilled
all evolving each second
in order to become
more beautiful than their progenitors




I am your enemy without having sought to
this is our new order
I erased you from the world
your mother premonitions you as a wound

In your ravings you desire to become the ocean
the ocean has no ends
to hold onto and consume

my enemies beg for water but where does it exist?
I must drink for them

At my side they bleed out in a thousand dreams




I declare myself unable to possess this body
with all its noise it dies bit by bit

I celebrate as they set it ablaze
I celebrate my escape
the miracle of flesh floating into ash

safe and pure

I apologize for the stench
fat ripped from flesh as rain
this is not how I imagined burning angels
& their skin ascend to god