There is the god of white shirts

Trans Issue 2015

April 21, 2014 at 10:04:21 PM


There   is   the   god   of   white   shirts   and
mustaches     the god of embraces     the god
of  relief      there is the god of turtles      the
god of  webs  and  eggs     there is the god of
orchestras     there  is  the  god of  mustangs
there  is  the  god  of earth  and  under earth
the  song  of  trees        there   is  the  god  of
streams  and  the  god   of pails     the god of
pine nuts and the smell of pine   there is the
god of arching stone     the god of the ethers
between you and you and the god of wolves

Amor Fati

“I am trying to understand. I have washed / clean the canopy and set the knives in order.”

The Double Blind

“What is more intimate than a fist? / Than the champagne cork / pop / of cartilage and bone?”