There Is Always a Face to Tend to

Look at your Manhunt profile: “White muscle power bottom looking

for a non-fem black top to fuck me in a mask and a hood.” You want

a rape scene you saw in a movie once, a kind of beauty

only a man not used to pain prays for. “The door will be unlocked —

break in,” you say. You want somebody to break you

by accident. “Harder.”

                                       And I am somebody

who would drive my something into yours until

we both fit the description of something else — the black boy

lurking in our imagination. Undo

the blindfold. Let’s look at the son we’ve made —

child of our undoing. We are a double-lapped

Mary passing the blue body between us, between our two mouths

blowing then blowing some more. We are the mothers of this blue pietà.