She Said, ‘Yes, He Loves Me More’

His love is a rattrap His love is a thin lip His love don’t mean
shit His love don’t mean a thang His love steps on the jump
rope His love pushes the swing over the bar His love watches
you fall watches your bloody knees watches you cry and waits
while tapping his fingers on his thighs His love wants you
to hurry up and finish His love wants you not His love don’t
do much for me His love is a stinkbug a crawler a gadfly
So you can have him Have his frank fawning His shoelaces
His white canvas His map of the Maldives His hard candy house
His mouth of sawdust His promise in the eye His wink and begone
His get the fuck out His comeback His return
to sender His catch me if you can His I’m in the mood
to fuck you up That smile as he does it
baring all of those teeth A wolf smile A hungry gape
Who doesn’t know him for what he is? If he loves you more
I’m the lucky one. Who got away Who got away Who got away Who got away…

On a Hot Night

our boy coiled in tenebrous cloak / at the sunrise window


I’m like how did I miss this Toni is my girl I remember all / them car rides when my mother played the hell out of Toni’s debut album in 93’