Celebration of a new year in April — The flute player’s wooden flute — Sinn Sisamouth; his soothing voice played before sleep — Dith Pran, the physician, died of pancreatic cancer — Small bubbles blown toward the sky hoping to turn U.S. bombs into jasmines — Nearly all the Cham people in the country — Noses chipped off the faces of asuras lining the path to Angkor Wat — Rice — Water — An 80-poem manuscript written by U Sam Oeur at Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop from 1966-1968; before evacuating Phnom Penh, he burned it and feigned illiteracy — A mother’s golden lotus bud around her daughter’s neck — The spot-billed duck laying eggs at the edge of the forest — King Norodom Sihanouk — Chao Ponhea Yat High School — The sisters who tied their hands together as they slept; they’re both missing — Apsaras last seen bathing in the river; their sarongs float down to Tonle Sap — Brown-wood owl, Eastern great egrets, giant ibises — News coverage on the evacuation of Phnom Penh on the front page of Le Monde in 1975 — Princess Bopha Devi — The April 17th people — Yol Aularong’s cheerful cyclo song — Bang Sota’s father who told the truth — The old woman who lives in the Octopus Tree; her long, silver hair hangs on branches — The Last Historians — Rocks that break open as oranges and jaik — Seven heads of the Naga snake — Children taken for long walks, told they were going to see their parents or work in another village; they were told they would come back — American dollars, jewelry, and potatoes hidden in a hole dug near the huts — Haing S. Ngor, actor of The Killing Fields, murdered by three gang members in downtown L.A., after handing over his Rolex but refused the locket containing a picture of his deceased wife; some say the bed-ridden Architect had him killed — The Architect died of a heart attack under house arrest; he was never convicted of his crimes; his face disappeared when he died — Bun Em’s family name ripped off a bulletin board at Khao-I-Dang refugee camp in Thailand — Upon arriving to America, she discovered her oldest son was dead; in Tuol Sleng S-21 prison, his face is not there among the photographs — Two million people including my three grandparents, my aunt’s twin sister, my uncle, and baby cousin Kasaul — The water in my heart has fallen — My birthday


“And I piss on the great saguaro; with my / Lips split open and wide owl eyes.”