Two Micros by Sam Rush

“n. type, sort, class.” and “after f. scott fitzgerald”

Trans Issue 2015

n. type, sort, class.

          masculine/feminine     singular/
plural               those friends/lovers
animate living/dead
as its gusty               living/moved but its only by
forces          forces/laws/magic     chew/kiss
               living/result of a chain reaction     result of a chain
          result/impetus          matter created     from
               naught/naught     same/
something               all/parted
          balls of cells/the things
we name (& so we wrap
in our mouths)     the things we
name /the space
                    between them


after f. scott fitzgerald

he looked at her
the way a woman
who meant
to be a man looks at
a man
she meant to be
a man like
               with pity
for all he will have