Three Micros by Merridawn Duckler

"Dante Lecture," "Women," and "Art Guard"

Dante Lecture at My Alma Mater

beside me the pale, anxious boys & taking their hand was like removing a leaf from the mirrored pond & when the speaker cited a page they had the book before them & went right to it though they were now husbands & CEO holding the place with a finger but raising their eyebrows where once they raised their eyes saying where is my guide? I have gone from poet to woman to dog & float on what was a pond no a lake no a river no the ocean no my heart

Women Having Fun Without Me


Art Guard

Is there a bathroom? Can I take a picture? The answers are yes and no. Sometimes I switch, out of boredom. Today he was back. I can’t leave. Who would guard the art? But he can come look at me anytime. I sometimes dream the hanging blob falls. I asked to be moved to Floor 2 to guard a bronze doughnut and a pile of shoes. No dice. He takes a picture. I followed him but was blocked by two women arguing about a red neon what it all meant. It’s the exit. Last week he missed a day. No matter. I still believe in art.

Two Micros by Ari Wolff

"he believes he’s the fox / and it's his dinnertime / he believes he’s the barn / and all the animals inside"

Five Micros by Fortunato Salazar

They were not a lonely turquoise skateboard wheel made to live all by itself . . . a wheel that anyone could come along and spin, and did.