Prey Behaviour at P.S. 113 Claremont, 1979

               We are the wolves of third grade. She is a rabbit. We’re supposed to tear her apart.
               All of us except Lisa are named Jennifer. All of us except Jenny C. are taller than average. All of us want the rabbit to suffer. We pinch and nip and spit. Tears pour out of the rabbit’s red eyes, and we know she has no one to tell.
               After school, the rabbit unlocks the burrow with a key she keeps around her neck on a piece of green string. She turns on the black and white television and watches Superfriends but we are there too, we are filling her head.


I helped you
up and gnawed
what was left to the core.

weight loss

I’m a carnivore. I eat for two. I gain weight. Her circumference tightens.