My Therapist Wants Me To Practice Mindfulness

On our fourth anniversary, I gave my partner a necklace composed of copper wire and peridot gems. The copper wire curves into a tree, the trunk made of three intertwining wires which reach outward to an outer ring, where the green rocks hold firm. He wears the necklace beneath his sweater, the wires cold against his skin and near his heart. Throughout the day he touches the necklace and thinks of me. Where I am, how our breath belongs to one body, why we continue to choose each other. “Here,” he says. “I will kiss you here,” and then he plants a kiss where the necklace touches my sternum.

I Used to Be An Optimist

but current scientific understanding suggests that an unthinkable number of years from now, the universe will come to an end.


I spent an entire year asking: how will I go on without you?


"I say most of this aloud, and she tells me she catches spiders that way"