I Used to Be An Optimist

but current scientific understanding suggests that an unthinkable number of years from now, the universe will come to an end. Certain cosmic entities will have grown so distant from one another, propelled by the same force, ironically, that exploded them into existence, that they will no longer be able to create, sustain, or share energy. Every last atom of everything will freeze, die, and become suspended — alone — in an inconceivable, empty nothingness.

And I actually thought I could save my marriage.

A Brief History of Touch

How we know our bodies comes from the way we are handled, from the way your parents held you to the press of sexual partners. We become ourselves through the experience of skin against other skin.

After the Honeymoon Phase

To me, Lifetime movies were like fables: fantastical two-hour tales that imparted important morals to live by.