I feel like an adult when I worry about money

and today I woke up with a
                    gas bill. The Bachelorette
                    from season 12 has a
sparkly green dress that is worth more
                    than both my hands
                    and a foot. Sometimes
I cry on the phone to the gas
                    and electric company to
                    see if it changes their mind.
Today I owe more money than
                    I’ve made in the last
                    3 months. I will wear
a $12 dress and tell myself
                    I am worth someone
                    else’s finger. An eclair from
the mall. An anxiety
                    attack in front of a

I Used to Be An Optimist

but current scientific understanding suggests that an unthinkable number of years from now, the universe will come to an end.

Local News #1

KPLC reports they found, double-bagged in Walmart plastic along Highway 27, a severed head.