The Break

Statement: I feel the need to give some context for this piece because we are in difficult times. It is hard to know who to trust. This poem is about grief. Grief is our inheritance. It is not the only thing that we have inherited. Feel what you must feel about today. Anger, grief, angst, fear, all of these are valid and appropriate responses to the election of Donald Trump and the affirmation of hatred that his being elected signals.

There is no “but” after that. You will know what to do. The grief will tell you.


there have been days worse
than this

something that may be of
is no comfort to you now
but it is still
very true

there have been days
that could not have possibly
had an end
and yet the sun
set just the same

there were nights with no moon
& someone held
the promise
of you close

even if they did not know it

what I mean is
and it has been said before:

you are the prize of the Ones
that did not die
you are the ready student
the conditioned body
you are possibility’s possibility
and no ancestor before you
would have been more ready

what I mean is
this will be hard

a fact

but fair

I’d like for you to remember
that today’s terror tastes
feels like
That of yesterday’s

it has only now
called ahead
before visiting your door

there will be days
worse than this

which is an awful thing for me
to say
when I want so much to
when I need it myself

but it is

so many things are possible.

so many
things are possible

This poem originally appeared on Bettina Judd’s blog.

A Hashtag, A Movement, A State of Mind

Public appeals to government officials remain a powerful way to build support and make allies. Another powerful way, maybe more so, is to write. Write the story. Write the arguments.