Blood Type Personality Theory

We have shown that there seems to be a correlation between blood-type and temperament. It should, therefore, be possible to determine temperament scientifically without the subjective judgments of different observers. This should prove of value in various fields: 1) In education; 2) In applied psychology; 3) In folk-psychology; 4) In medical science; 5) to eugenics, and to other mental and social phenomena.
Furukawa Takeji, 1930

basic building block of life
wall phone division mate
substance which the body recognizes as alien
meat nightshade smoke stress
component of the body which recognizes & fights off foreign substances
tumor heart memory loss

Anyone can give blood to
Anybody else — it’s just
A question of who chooses to
Accept, of whether the blood
Agglutinates or
Assumes the place of
Another cell,
Another wall.

Arrival, then, requires either
Assimilation or
Allergic reaction.
Anything, the scientist
Argues, can be set
Anatomy into taxonomy,
Animal into flesh, into meat.

All’s to say, to be
Alien is to exist measured
And found to be without
Alignment. Premature
Autopsy claims
Atrophy, names parasite, tumor.

Before the Japanese
Brought disease to Korea, they
Brought the
Belief that Koreans were dirty. In the
Blood. In the
Bone. On the phone,

Bringing nothing
But calling Koreans closer to
Beast than human
Being. This nightshade contradiction —
Belonging to a family that is
Both desired and deadly.

Beside the nation, there is the
Beyond the
Border, there is a
Body of water.
Besides the
Blood, there is the heart

Abstract: what makes a body normal or
Abnormal is not the body but what it
Absorbs, whether it can be
Absorbed without splitting or division.

Above all, the Japanese sought to be
Able to distinguish themselves from their
Abuse and their subjects, to turn
Aborigine bodies dirty with smoke, to
Abridge history by setting a people

Ablaze. Still, in the sea between nations, an
Abundance of women built constellations from
Abalone shells as they swam towards a sky
Absent of stars. Muscle memory must first swell to heal —
Abscess, a blister, a bruise,

Over time, what was
Occupation becomes preoccupation, every
Obligation gives way to
Obsession, asks: how is
One different from the
Other? How do we choose
Our mates and lovers, and

Of course, how do we
Ourselves? After empire, the
Organs still produce air pressurized,
Operate as if under
Ongoing stress. All we can

One hand, is a fist the size
Of a heart, close and
Open, let blood
Out, either a loss
Or a transfusion.

De / Re / Formation

this is not to say
the bones of memory are fragile
but that the ground too
tears itself apart

You Are A Tyrannosaurus Rex

Your body carries the marks of a fight from many moons ago, and you think that if you close your eyes these marks will heal. / Close your eyes. / Go to number 2.


you were warned, that your greedy digging,
your clawing fingers sinking into the earth, was just
like shooting up