De / Re / Formation

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at the surface, rock will deform in a brittle fashion
fracturing under tension
creating sharp joints and faults
at the intersection of two planes
a carved history of rupture
vertical crack down drywall
forced binary separation
where the body splits its skeleton in two
see how even solid safety
turns into splintered flesh
this is not to say
the bones of memory are fragile
but that the ground too
tears itself apart

under high pressure at great depths
rock will undergo ductile deformation
folding itself
over and back like a winding snake
violent compression not seen
until breach
where rock says breathe. breathe. breathe.
that maybe if it was still searing
it would uncoil toward the sun
and free itself from perception
that this transformation
is the body become volcano
that to burst and to bend is not weakness
but a metamorphosis of thought
I am breaking
I am breaking
I am breaking  (  )

You Are A Tyrannosaurus Rex

Your body carries the marks of a fight from many moons ago, and you think that if you close your eyes these marks will heal. / Close your eyes. / Go to number 2.


you were warned, that your greedy digging,
your clawing fingers sinking into the earth, was just
like shooting up


Content Warning: Abuse, Sexual Assault.