Papaavetam / Water People

I am not comparing myself to Creator; I am only saying I am made of water; I am only saying I flow to the sea.



...I can only imagine this kind of grief
and I do.


" Children waiting in empty
lots and melting sandcastles,
enduring as monster-flowers
–monsters, to hurt what hurts
–flowers, to want to live."

What Animals Are Admitted To Paradise

Mountain goats have climbed their way hoof and tail apart to the tallest
peaks and leaped with lockets of an old man’s beard. They say the
goats that make the leap and survive, the ones that make it

across to land on the other cliff, get their shadows get turned into clouds.

close-up photo of rings in a tree trunk


You cannot halt a billion years of evolution. We were here long before you and we will be here long after.

photo of a MacBook Pro laptop on desk with notebook papers and pens in front of it


She feels the tidal pull of a future without him. She has almost forgotten what life was like, all those years ago, when they’d talked over books and equations, she his little witch.