Blood Type Personality Theory

Beside the nation, there is the / Body.
Beyond the / Border, there is a / Body of water.
Besides the / Blood, there is the heart / Beating.


Radar satellite image of the oil spill of the Grande America


you were warned, that your greedy digging,
your clawing fingers sinking into the earth, was just
like shooting up

a gold panner kneeling in a river in Madagascar


Content Warning: Abuse, Sexual Assault.

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Production Notes on Quantum Physics

before the nights we spent enameling / this reflection in my eye, my mother / danced on a fire escape / limned by black fire, and you / glowed bright with the silhouette of a camera.

Fire ecology

First you have a fist,
the same size as the heart, which
came before.

a black nerd’s poisson processing

my people die like a poisson process. i listen to the rain count bodies
while the thunder weeps with me.