My Body Begins Decaying on a Wednesday

Plates of biocrust crumble and fill the cracks of the tile, more maggots dribbling from every orifice: my nose, my ears, a few even wiggling out from behind my eyes.


Frozen Boyfriend

It turned out that Jared, the tragic youngster we were picking up, died in the ocean. He was sailing on the Atlantic when a storm flipped his boat and sent the crew’s bodies up the Florida coast, slashed and bloodless. By this I came to assume that he loved whales, too.


What I knew was that if and when I became non-sighted, I wanted to encounter and understand braille as a literary rubato as opposed to a lack.

photo of a young child looking into the window of a large aquarium of fish and kelp

The Sweet One

He shines / the flashlight at the hole to make sure I see the wet black frog-like head burrowed / inside and through the love in his voice for them, I love them too.

black and white photo of winding car headlights down a dark road

Variable Planes of Motion

There are select moments in time, he thinks he hears someone say, where we can feel the breath of the earth’s soil. When the sulfur starts to fill the air and everything around you is thick as night.

photo of an electron configuration that looks like a kaleidescopic image with green in the center surrounded by yellow and red

When I Reach for Your Pulse

The electrons / within shift in perpetual motion, perpetuating illusion. What is / solid will not fall apart for unexpected reasons.

close-up photo of an industrial lightbulb


Too bad / technology has overridden the soul / and we can no longer experience / true thinking.