Fire ecology

First you have a fist,
the same size as the heart, which
came before.



...I didn’t see this, but I read somewhere
that an orca carried her dead calf for weeks to mourn it—

black and white photo of two children in a museum looking at dinosaur bones


We swallow whole all things / we don’t know, a slow digestion / of the self.

You are nature

your heart pushes blood
like the moon
pulls the ocean
Fast-twitch, slow-twitch

Katharina Kepler’s Confession (1546-1622)

I laugh—oh the things I would have conjured / could I conjure: silicone Ohropax, flashlights, / popsicles, plastic diapers, tampons— / I was always on my period


Google tells me she loves American football, and I wonder what twist of data gave her this quirk, this sweet brave way in which she diverges from me, diverts surveillance, leads the advertisers astray.