Art Seen: Your Links to What’s New and Noteworthy in Art

Unreleased Basquiat Art from 1979 to 1981 to be Displayed Soon
A collection of unreleased work from Jean-Michel Basquiat will be unveiled at X Contemporary. The show will run from November 30 to December 4, at Nobu Hotel in Miami Beach.

Consumer Reports: Raque Ford
We can’t all be artists, but we can spend a few days in the life of one. Specifically, Brooklyn’s contemporary artist Raque Ford whose work examines pop culture.

Photo Collective Tripod City are Capturing Ghana’s Art Renaissance
Photography trio Tripod City’s latest project, “Gold Dust,” presents a window into the honest and humorous side of everyday Ghanaian life often not portrayed by western media.

Henry Taylor: Where the Streets Have a Name
“One brother was a founder of the Panthers. I was trying to get into the political groups when I was younger, but they threw me out ’cause they thought I was a clown.” Downtown Los Angeles artist Taylor talks to Juxtapoz about his installation art capturing the look and feel of the inner city.

Madame Tussauds Gives Yayoi Kusama the Ultimate Wax Accolade
If you happen to be in Hong Kong on November 3, give Madame Tussauds a visit for the opening of a Yayoi Kusama “artistic themed zone.”

Revisiting Haruhiko Kawaguchi’s Vacuum-Sealed Duos
“Flesh Love” is celebrating its five-year anniversary and Hi-Fructose is revisiting Kawaguchi’s photography book featuring couples the artist met at Tokyo clubs posed inside vacuum-sealed bags.

Best Street Art Murals of Last Year
Widewalls lists the 50 most popular street murals from 2015, decided by their Instagram and Facebook followers’ favorite picks.

Inside an Abandoned L.A. Hospital Turned Creepy Art Show with Robert Mapplethorpe and Marilyn Minter
Enter the immersive experience that is the “Human Condition” exhibition in the former Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center, with the work of 86 artists covering three floors, including patient rooms, the cafeteria, the operating room, and more. The exhibit runs until November 30.

Guns, Surfers, and Pop Sculpture

It is the first week of fall, and Venice smells like sagebrush. Kevin Ancell, the Dogtown street kid turned renaissance painter, is smoking outside the gallery, telling how this building was “the original boathouse for the gondolas.” In a couple of hours, much of the California surf community, mobilized by Kelly Slater’s latest social media post, will flood the space.

Bond Voyage

“It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to.”

Art Spotlight: Sherin Guirguis

“I do the opposite things at the same time in all of my work. I am a diaspora person, it’s not about here versus there; it’s about seeing there FROM here.”